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For details of each product, please Contact customer service advertising sales

Advertising Sales Department
Sina Advertising Official Service Weibo: @ Sina Advertising
Please check the advertising product introduction:
For purchase of Sina brand advertising and effect advertising products, please consult Sina advertising hotline: four billion eight million eight hundred and twelve thousand eight hundred and thirteen
Sina Commercial Operation Customer Service Official Weibo: @ Weibo Advertising Channel
Please check the product introduction of effect advertisement:

Sina News Hotline

Provide Sina with news clues and major news
Purchase Agreement for Freelance Manuscripts

Cooperation and classification of channels

Content reporting cooperation - Welcome all kinds of media, film and television drama companies, production companies, professional websites, publishers, associations, etc. to contact us and establish long-term cooperation in various texts, pictures, audio and video information, etc.
Activity cooperation - All parties are welcome to discuss various activities such as promotion meetings, forums, concerts, grand prix, tour exhibitions or sports events with Expand the influence of relevant activities through Sina's reporting and promotion.

Publishing cooperation - All major publishers are welcome to cooperate with Sina on various books. Email:

SINA Mobile
Mobile value-added services: monthly SMS reminder service, monthly SMS service for Weibo members, IVR interaction (exchange language interaction), SMS, MMS, ring tone download, WAP and other mobile data services

Sina Weibo
Customer service hotline:
4000960960 (individual)
4000980980 (enterprise&commerce)

Sina mailbox products
Free email and paid email: log in to the lowest column on the homepage of the email, click "online customer service", and if you can't log in, please follow the WeChat official account: Sina customer service

Office address of

Sina Headquarters Building, Building 8, West District, Yard 10, Xibeiwang East Road, Haidian District, Beijing
No.8 Sina Plaza Courtyard 10, the West XiBeiWang E.Rd HaiDian District Beijing
Post code: 100193


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