Xi expounds on sustainable development at G20 meeting

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday stressed the critical importance of continuously advancing global poverty reduction to create an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future.

China's new five-year plan to boost post-pandemic global recovery

With the COVID-19 pandemic dealing a severe blow to the world economy, China is expected to play its role as a key engine to rekindle global growth in the future, global observers said. The leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has adopted proposals for formulating the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035.

 People's daily Weibo in English

People's daily Jian'ganshan village is a provincial level poor village in Xi

 Cgtn's microblog

CGTN: #Good night! Let's sail again! #More than 700 teachers and students of Harbin Engineering University used snow to make snow boats

 Global Times - microblog in English

Global Times - English version: [the American man saw a tourist who didn't wear a mask and spat twice and yelled, "I've got a new crown! 】According to a report by a media in Massachusetts, USA

 Microblog of Shenzhen Daily

Shenzhen Daily Equitable is fair. Similar messages were shared by Canadian Prime Minister Justin t

 Micro blog of micro world

Micro world: (dentists simulate the whole process of wisdom tooth extraction ᦇ feeling pain and healing ᦇ this series of videos is simply "insane". When you listen to this when you have insomnia, you should be able to

 Micro blog of Japan

Micro Japan: Oricon's "fifth ideal mature woman" top 10 published! Shitian baihezi (first in 4 consecutive years, 1 in 20-50 generations) 2

 Micro blog of FR in France

Micro France fr: In è s de la fressage, the most famous French model in the 1980s, beauty lies in the bone, not in the skin

 Micro blog in Greece

Micro Greece: There is an 86 year old master in Crete who has only done one thing in his shop for 60 years


Q: Whether the Palace Museum should be commercialized?

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 Blog of nole Djokovic

Nole Djokovic: Happy Birthday to my Hero. Thank you for bringing so much love and joy into our lives and reminding us to work daily on ourselves so we can be the best possible parents and people. We love you ❤️🥰🤗 ​…

 Macy Leo messi10's Micro blog

Liomessi 10:00 Nueva tempora. Nuevos goles. Con toda La energy í a. hazquelosd í ascuenten

 Rihanna_ Official's microblog

Rihanna_ official: Have you made your Double 11 shopping list?! Don't forget to add Diamond Bomb Rose Rave and Match Stix Amber to your basket. I used both of them for my look on the Tmall livestream back in September. #FentyBeauty# @FentyBeautyOfficial http://t.cn/A6bFEVAL ​…

 Katy Perry's Micro blog

KatyPerry: tonight’s amas performance is for my father ♥️ ​…

 Marbury's microblog

Marbury: 🏀 🛌 🏀 #ILOVETHISGAME# ​…

 David Beckham's Micro blog

DavidBeckham: #WorldChildrensDay# Now more than ever we need to listen to young people and hear their hopes for a better world. The future is in their hands and we must do what we can to unlock their potential and protect their dreams. Join me in supporting children and the…

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