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Enterprise Search Festival, fully support enterprise marketing to win customers!

2022-08-05 Source: Baidu Marketing Read: five hundred and thirty-nine thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine Label: eight hundred and eighteen | Enterprise Search Section | 818 Search Section | Baidu Marketing Search Festival | Baidu Search Festival | Baidu 818 Search Festival |

The 2022 Baidu 818 Enterprise Search Festival will be officially launched on August 18. What are the highlights of this Enterprise Search Festival, what benefits and concessions can enterprise bosses get, and exciting activities are coming!


Baidu 818 Enterprise Search Festival is an exclusive marketing welfare festival launched by Baidu Marketing for enterprises. It fully supports enterprise marketing and solves the problem of customer acquisition. After the launch of the event, business owners can enjoy such super value benefits as online special empowerment live broadcast, offline marketing conference, industry marketing training, corporate boss community, and various special marketing subsidies.


The 818 event is themed on "Baidu's new marketing model, helping enterprises to launch". "818" is homophonic to "launch", implying that through Baidu's 818 enterprise search festival, it helps enterprises to double their orders, customers and businesses.

Preview 1: Play to upgrade multiple benefits

The game of 818 Enterprise Search Festival has been upgraded, with many online live broadcasts powerfully enabling enterprise marketing, and industry experts giving on-site lectures at offline meetings. In addition, multiple benefits have been prepared for business owners to create a truly defined marketing feast for business owners.


Preview II: Super flow of financial support

Baidu's new marketing upgrade will fully support enterprise operation, and will provide multiple support for enterprises, such as special support funds and more than 300 million special support flows, to help the majority of business owners win customers in marketing.

Preview 3: Online guidance of marketing experts

Under the severe market environment, how can enterprises break through the tight encirclement against the trend. Baidu marketing industry experts will deeply analyze the market situation, share marketing skills and dry goods of the industry live to entrepreneurs, and give all-round explanations and targeted guidance.


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