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Advertising advantages

High quality mobile marketing products based on big data enabling and intentional marketing

  • AI intelligence

    Dynamic capture of potential core target audience, accurate orientation, precise data and intelligence

  • Accurate orientation

    Support multi-dimensional orientation mode to help advertisers accurately target target groups

  • Multi product joint investment

    Multi brand advertising linkage to achieve concentrated and large-scale exposure of global brands

Advertising presentation form

Baidu's opening screen marketing ecosystem covering the whole scene

Covering users' 24-hour working life | Covering nearly 90% of mainstream mobile Internet users

Promotion case

Efficient promotion through Baidu marketing opening screen ads to reach targeted customers

Coca Cola × small smart screen: Break Moment leisure scene marketing

Coca Cola cooperated with small smart screen to create break moment leisure scene marketing, Through Baidu's opening screen, social platform, small scene marketing and other communication methods The image of Coca Cola # comfortable and delicious, making work more exciting # is deeply embedded in target consumption The heart of the group.

  • six thousand two hundred and sixty-six ten thousand

    Total exposure

  • one hundred and ninety-one ten thousand

    Total interaction

  • eighty-five %

    Weather oral broadcast completion rate

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