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Advertising advantages

Display targeted marketing content when users browse information according to keywords actively searched by customers

  • Accurate access to users

    Accurately recommend relevant information according to the keywords actively searched by customers.

  • Advertising is content

    The native advertisements interspersed in Baidu's information flow make users imperceptibly accept information.

  • Carrying 100 million class traffic

    It has a large amount of high-quality content and media resources, and it has a network of users.

Advertising presentation form

Interlaced in the information flow of Baidu APP, Baidu homepage, post bar, Baidu mobile browser and other platforms

Baidu APP

Your advertisement will be displayed in Baidu APP information
Streaming information

Baidu Post Bar

Your advertisement will be displayed in the information flow of the post bar recommendation
And post information flow

Baidu homepage of mobile web version

Your advertisement will be displayed on the mobile Baidu homepage
Page recommendation information flow

Promotion case

Efficient promotion through Baidu marketing information flow advertising to reach targeted customers

BYD Auto: Creating Automated Full Link Marketing New mode

Based on the actual situation of customers, optimize the launch of account full custody+clue API, Build a search oCPC+information flow oCPC+basic wooden fish landing page to launch as a whole Chain, greatly improving effective clues and transformation efficiency.

  • +22%

    Cue conversion rate

  • -75%

    Lead Cost

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