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Advertising advantages

Help enterprises find more potential target customers through multi-dimensional orientation

  • Full scene coverage

    Home, work, campus, subway
    Cinema and bus scenes

  • Multi scene orientation

    Province, city, time period, crowd, business district, scene
    Screen orientation

  • Visual monitoring

    Intelligent delivery and visual data

  • Flexible activation delivery

    Screen optional, unlimited amount, time optional
    Independent launch

Your advertisement can appear in the offline screen of these scenes

Promotion case

Efficient promotion through Baidu marketing focus ads to reach targeted customers

520 Bravely say love you, Baidu multi screen interaction Creative event marketing

Baidu took advantage of its own resources and AI capabilities to launch the "520 Bravely Say Love to You" marketing campaign, Through in-depth cooperation with multiple brands and online+offline linkage, the "bold expression of love" The campaign advocated to continuously strengthen Baidu's awareness of multi-dimensional marketing capabilities, which was widely praised by cooperative brands.

  • one Billion+

    Total exposure

  • eight 10000 yuan+

    AI office to store

  • two thousand one hundred and sixty 10000 yuan+

    Live viewing

Enterprise special offer, limited time shooting, exclusive benefits, first come, first served

*Preferential activities are limited to new cooperative customers in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Guangzhou, Dongguan and Tianjin

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