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Baidu's new marketing model customers come to you

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Baidu's new marketing model customers come to you

Baidu marketing is a channel for enterprise brand publicity in the era of big data. It promotes marketing for enterprises, solves the problem of customer acquisition, rapidly improves brand awareness, and helps enterprises double their orders.

Baidu's new marketing model allows customers to come to you for business. New advantages of products can precisely break through the difficulties of enterprise marketing. New billing method, flexible adjustment of advertising expenses.

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Relying on Baidu's search engine, let your products and services reach 1 billion users of Baidu in an all-round way, let users in need find suitable products and services faster, and help enterprises to obtain potential customers at the same time.

Based on more than 2 million features, Baidu Brain provides you with accurate insight into user behavior and hobbies, helps you complete one-stop advertising, creates a marketing closed-loop, and makes advertising easier.

Baidu's rich advertising resources, mainly including search promotion, information flow promotion, brand promotion and other types of advertising, recommend appropriate products for enterprises, launch accurate and quick exposure, and seize new outlets for customer traffic.

Baidu marketing has now covered all parts of the country, serving enterprises in all stages of the industry. More and more enterprises have achieved customer growth through Baidu marketing.

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