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Baidu Marketing 818 Enterprise Search Festival helps enterprises win customers!

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On August 18, 2023, Baidu Marketing 818 Enterprise Search Festival was successfully held in Sheraton Hotel, Greater China, Shenzhen!

This year's 818 Enterprise Search Festival focuses on the practical application prospects and industry development direction of Baidu AIGC in all industries, reconstructs the whole marketing link, leads the intelligent upgrading of enterprise marketing, excavates new opportunities for industry business, and injects more new vitality and new possibilities into enterprises.


At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager of Baidu Marketing Service Contact Center Ms. Zheng Ping said that AIGC marketing has attracted much attention in the market, and Baidu, as a leader in the AI technology field, is constantly committed to applying the new mode of Baidu AIGC enabling global marketing to enterprise marketing, and providing systematic AI innovative marketing strategies for business owners.


Baidu marketing gurus strongly assisted in the offline conference of 818 Enterprise Search Festival, witnessed the new transformation of AIGC enabled marketing together with enterprise elites, explored new models for enterprises to obtain customers in the future, and more than 600 enterprises participated in the marketing lecture hall. Experts gathered at the event to reveal new skills of practical online marketing for business owners, provide systematic practical marketing thinking and successful marketing cases in the industry, and accelerate order growth.


In addition, the official internal course of Baidu Marketing strongly empowers enterprise marketing, including B2B industry digital business integration solution, new advanced delivery strategy, improving enterprise reputation skills, new ways for local life merchants to win customers, from industry market insight to difficulties in customer acquisition disassembly, comprehensively solve the problem of enterprise customer acquisition, effectively improve brand reputation and enterprise core competitiveness, Help enterprises achieve new growth in customer acquisition.

In order to fully support enterprise operation and relieve the pressure of enterprise promotion funds, 818 Enterprise Search Festival benefits have been newly upgraded, including time limited account opening coupons, product limited benefits, event gift pool of 10000 yuan, etc., to provide multiple support to enterprise owners and comprehensively help thousands of businesses to achieve marketing customers.


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