#Go offline or run away # Penguin hut seems to have closed its business

 Dark Micro Devil Award Penguin Hut (qexw. com), as a VPS service provider for Chinese people, has also been introduced here by Weimo before. It features the VPS series for building a website in Hong Kong, which is cheap and fast. However, I received an email from this company a few days ago. Because of price increase and other reasons, I want to offline the related Hong Kong VPS business. On this matter, first of all, it was very sudden. WeChat Magic received the email on July 29, and the deadline for backup to users was 31, that is, two days. I just missed checking the mailbox, so the server lost contact. Of course, WeChat Magic didn't lose much. After all, it was just for fun and didn't store important data. However, in the follow-up, it seems that some people said that this company has lost contact completely. WeChat Magic tried to submit a TK the day before yesterday and didn't reply. Today, when we visited and logged in, the domain name jumped to billing.hosnetwork.com. It seems that this company is making a big business adjustment, which may be a sale or a complete transformation. In short, we should do a good job of data backup to avoid heavy losses.

The original message is as follows,

 We are very sorry to inform you. Due to the rise in bandwidth prices in Hong Kong and related operational barriers, our company has discussed. Therefore, products below the production line. All products of Hong Kong Phase I. All products of Hong Kong Phase II. All products of Hong Kong Phase IV. The CN2 bandwidth capacity is insufficient. All products except 216.83 (old station) in the third phase of Hong Kong Station Construction are offline. Note: Please make backup before 12:00 on July 31, 2021 for customers in the above regions (only HE line backup is supported in case of timeout). Only Hong Kong Phase V, Hong Kong Phase VI and Hong Kong Phase VII network products will be retained. And continue to provide you with NTT+HE+HKIX line services. Solution: Hong Kong Phase III customers can ask whether they support replacing to the 216.83 section (old station) area with a work order. The offline product VPS is returned to Alipay by default. The offline product VPS can be accelerated by queuing up in the General Affairs Department of the work order. The offline product pushVPS needs the work order general affairs department to sort it out and refund it to the actual owner Alipay according to the actual value. remarks: Reason for offline: 1. The CMI supplier learned that its CMI Transit has limited its speed to 5% in the mainland. Upgrade to CMNET (unit price: 20 $1Mbps).

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  1. I also bought his home with the recommendation of the blogger, which has been used until now. His home network is really good. In recent months, the network has been very unstable. I could open it yesterday. What else does the blogger recommend.

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