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This page will show you all the information FAQs you need to know about VMVPS. If you have more questions, please consult!

  1. What is the micro demon tribe
  2. contact us
  3. Join us
  4. VPS service provider sponsorship
  5. VPS evaluation
  6. VPS service provider preferential release
  7. How to subscribe?
  8. Purchase on behalf?
  9. Advertising for rent

1. What is the micro demon tribe

VMVPS is determined to be the most fair and impartial Chinese VPS blog in China, providing users with objective and fair VPS evaluation, cheap VPS information, VPS preferential information release, VPS technology tutorial, virtual machine (VM) detailed explanation, host domain name preferential code and other information. We will fill in more resources in the future.

2. Contact us

If you have any cooperation intention or VPS questions, please contact us in the following ways:

3. Join us

If you are a fan of VPS, VM, host domain name and Linux like us, welcome to join our team. Please follow“ contact us ”To contact us. It is better to attach relevant articles that have been published for our reference. If you only want to contribute for us, you are also welcome to send your articles to our email!

Although we have a certain number of VPS in our hands, we still hope that VPS service providers can provide us with free VPS sponsorship! Since the main purpose of our site is to introduce cheap VPS, the external price of our sponsored VPS should be cheap enough, and the configuration should preferably be between 128M memory and 256M memory, without high configuration. We will give a certain length of introduction in the article and attach XXX driver in the footer. But we will not provide false favorable comments on VPS sponsorship!

5. VPS evaluation

We provide free and fair evaluation results for VPS service providers. VPS vendors are welcome to provide us with free VPS for testing (3-5 days). As for testing VPS, it needs to be real VPS products sold. We reserve the test methods and contents, and the test results are only valid in the test environment at that time.

6. VPS service provider preferential release

We will selectively release the preferential information of VPS service providers. You are also welcome to provide us with clues. Whether the information will be Micro Demon Tribe All rights reserved. At the same time, we welcome IDC to Micro Demon Tribe Provide exclusive discount code

7. How to subscribe?

We provide the following two subscription methods:

  1. Email subscription
  2. RSS subscription: https://www.vmvps.com/feed

8. Is it a purchasing agent?

At present, we only provide BurstNet's VPS purchasing service, and other purchasing services will be added/modified in the future.

The purchase fee is the original price, without service charge, and the exchange rate is calculated according to the normal exchange rate+0.1. Welcome to inquire!

9. Advertising

  • The website updated the template in March 2018. At present, it is displayed in the form of home page top articles+three photo advertisements of the whole website. The ordering information will be updated on this page, estimate Public sale from April 2018 , first come first served principle, accept the reservation;
  • This site's advertising service is targeted at VPS merchants, which need an independent official website and financial system. It is not acceptable for Taobao merchants or individuals to use it for AFF, etc;
  • If the merchant is fed back by 5 or more bad users or has serious service quality defects, the advertisement will be removed and the fee will not be refunded;
  • If the business closes down/runs away, the advertisement will be immediately removed and resold, and the advertising fee will not be refunded;

Top articles:
Expiration date: April 5, 2021
Subscriber: LocVPS

Photo advertisement 300 × two hundred and fifty
Expiration date: April 12, 2021
Subscriber: Gouyun

Photo advertisement 300 × 100-1
Expiration time:
Subscriber: Vacancy

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    1. Hehe, the content direction is really similar. The theme layout is also based on him. But I changed it myself by Wordpress. It's Typecho. Besides, who makes it the benchmark in the industry~haha

  1. The website is really practical. The VPS introduced is very detailed. Thank you. The blog template is good. Can you share it with me.

  2. Ha ha, is it finally filed? I have been paying attention to Mao the other day~
    It's trouble in China~
    Foreign host can not be prepared if you want to "`

        1. On my side, Alibaba Cloud took two days for the audit (mainly because the mail was slow, and I chose Kodak certification). Then it came to the weekend for two days. On Monday, it was sent to the administrative bureau for audit, and it took four days. On Thursday, I was notified that I had passed the filing. I think it varies from place to place. Inner Mongolia seems to be unable to get down for one month. Shanghai is said to have the best speed

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    Pr value is 3
    Waiting for your approval 😉

    1. The friend chain has been added. I personally appreciate personal technical blog, but many people can't adhere to it for various reasons. Unfortunately, I hope your website can keep updating~

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    Then ask the blogger where your blog is currently using. Give an address to the host

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