CentOS Building xfce Desktop+VNC Tutorial

 VMVPS tutorial The security and performance of Linux have always been praised by developers. You can easily find various advantages of Linux in search engines, including some radical Linux. Especially when you step into the VPS field and get more exposure to Linux, you will feel more powerful about this open source operating system! Although including Micro magic Many people have slowly begun to enjoy the plain text management VPS on the black background of the terminal, but for many people, being able to use Linux on the graphical interface is another enjoyment. This article will simply lead you to install the desktop system Xfce on Linux VPS, and use VNC to use and manage its graphical interface.

Xfce Like KDE and Gnome, it is a visual desktop front-end, which is characterized by smaller resource consumption. According to online comments, the resource occupancy is roughly Xfce<KDE<Gnome. (The specific situation is related to the version, without absolute contrast)

The Linux in this article is CentOS 5, and the Xfce installed is 4.4. The installation of VNC server, Firefox, and Flash player will also be involved. (It has passed the test under BuyVM 256M OpenVZ)

1、 Installing Xfce 4.4

yum groupinstall xfce-4.4

You can also check whether a new version is available through the yum grouplist command, replacing 4.4

2、 Install VNC

yum install vnc vnc-server

Update on March 18, 2013: CentOS 6 uses TigerVNC, so CentOS 6 users should use yum install tigervnc tigervnc server instead of the above command!

3、 Configure VNC

1. Modify the configuration file

vi /etc/sysconfig/vncservers

Add the following:

 VNCSERVERS="1:root" VNCSERVERARGS[1]="-geometry 800x600"

2. Set VNC password


3. Start VNC service (When many friends are using the default desktop VNC of DirectSpace, they encounter the "10061 error" of failing to connect, so they can enter the following command under ssh to solve it!)


4. Modify vnc file

vi /root/.vnc/xstartup

Replace the contents of the file with the following

#!/ bin/sh

5. Set vnc permission

chmod +x ~/.vnc/xstartup

6. Restart VNC service

service vncserver restart

7. Set VNC startup

chkconfig vncserver on

4、 System optimization

Update on March 18, 2013: In some minimal systems, even in English, the box may be garbled. Please use this command to correct it: yum - y install fontforge

1. Install Chinese language support (Install Chinese fonts to solve the problem of garbled code when visiting Chinese websites)

yum -y install fonts-chinese

2. Install Firefox browser

yum -y install firefox

3. Install the Firefox flash player plug-in

Restart VPS and use VNC connection (VNC Viewer and other software)

Connection method: your ip: 1

  • Use firefox to visit www.adobe.com, click Get Flash Player
  • Download rpm package
  • Right click the folder where the rpm file is located, enter the terminal (Open Terminal Here), and use rpm - ivh flash plugin - *. rpm to install it.
  • Enter about: plugins in the address bar of firefox to check whether the installation is successful~

Because the graphics front-end occupies a large amount of resources (512M or more is appropriate, but it can also be used for emergencies), it is not suitable for production environment~

The content of this article refers to netizens Dark Moon, Blooming Flowers Tutorials for( View original text ), Weimo expressed his gratitude to netizens for their knowledge sharing!

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Multiple comments

  1. Two additional points: 1. When entering the following contents, the quotation mark should be half width, otherwise it is invalid
    VNCSERVERARGS[1]=”-geometry 800 × 600″
    2. To install flash,
    Download rpm package
    wget fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/
    Then install
    rpm -i flash-plugin-

    1. Ha ha, first of all: 1. I used the pre tag in my blog to make sure that it was a half angle quotation mark. I used the half angle in my article... (If you input normally, you will change the half angle into the full angle, such as your...); 2. I hate to remember the address of the link. On the one hand, I can't remember (although it can be copied). On the other hand, I'm afraid of updating something, so what I introduced in this article is my method. Although it's troublesome on the face of words, it's not troublesome to operate at all, and the command can be simplified into rpm - ivh flash plugin - *. rpm~

  2. To modify the VNC file, do you want to replace all the contents of the file with the above one or add it below? -- O (Researcher) o, although I have done xfce in a muddle, I don't know how to do it.

  3. After installing the flash plug-in of Firefox, you will be prompted that it is installed, but when you enter Firefox, you will still be prompted that the plug-in is missing. What is the reason?
    The system is 32-bit, and the rpm under is also 32-bit

      1. My goal is to change the password by hanging QQ's common IP address. WebQQ is easy to be disconnected without the convenience of the client. It seems that the QQ software hanging under Windows is not effective now. I want to try it on Linux

        I remember seeing this desktop tutorial installed in Chinese before, but now I can't figure out Chinese

        1. Alas, it seems that you prefer to give the command line directly in the tutorial... My article roughly means that you can visit the adobe website under VNC and install it under the graphics system. I think you will get used to it

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