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地下室平面2024:Cultivating Community

by自由软件基金会内容,内容 公共,公共Apr022024:44PM
In this blog,we're sharing with you all the ways you can socialize and participate in LibrePlanet 2024:Cultivating Community outside of the official program。

Social activities

检查出口,检查出口自然activitiesyou can participate in on the weekend ofLibrePlanet2024

  • Friday night“open”office:Socialize and see the FSF office for yourself;
  • Walk on Saturday night:电子people and get some fresh air after sitting through conference sessions indoors;
  • Annual FSF associate members meeting:Share your feedback with the FSF and discuss with other FSF associate members where you think the FSF should be going;
  • Diversity breakfast:A space for women,nonbinary people,and all those who have been traditionally excluded from technological and social causes;
  • 许可表:许可证和兼容性实验室;
  • Newcomer orientation:Connect with other people and get an overview of what's going on。

A ball room with chandeliers at the Wentworth Institute of Technology which will be the keynote room for LibrePlanet 2024。

How to actively participate in LibrePlanet:Cultivating Community

Do you want to participate in LibrePlanet more actively?Then considerproposing or organizing aBirds of a Feather session单击功能区上,volunteringto help with the event,or giving a照明设备基础软件topicyou're passionate about。

Volunteer remotely or in person

锅炉罩罩罩罩安装器online。people who can help us with moderation,room monitoring,and other important tasks that make the eventpossible。强制成形,强制成形Volunteers.Yourhelp makes LibrePlanet an even greater success,and whilevoluntering you can learn from others and thereby furtherrefine your organizational or technical skills。Please emailresources@fsf.organd let us know whether you want tovolunter in person or remotely。

Organize a Birds of a Feather session

Birds of a Feather sessions(BoF)are a time for people to gettogether around a specific topic,either to focus on conversations,come up with new ideas,or just spend time socializing。中间,中间in organizing a BoF?On theLibrePlanet wiki,you can let othersknow what your session is about and where to meet。热,热,热预应力混凝土全套基础框架“artificial intelligence”listed there。

Submit a lightning talk

照明设备用配电设备attendees on free software topics they're passionate about。No matterif you intend to attend online or in person,submit a lightning talktoday与地面相关的道路idea or project。The lightning talks will be presented on Sunday,May5,11:15-12:00 EDT(15:00UTC)。There are already some promising lightning talks listed on theLibrePlanet wiki.Check them out!

A classroom at the Wentworth Institute of Technology with the LibrePlanet2024logo on it。

The facts about LibrePlanet 2024:Cultivating Community

LibrePlanet:Cultivating Community will be held on May4and52024。室内停车场的停车位Wentworth技术含量(WIT)in Boston,MA,USA.For information ontransportation,accommodation,and restaurants,please visit the底漆,底漆&travelsection of the conference page。If you haven't registeredalready,please register now:

Important notice for minors,parents,and guardians:The WIT asks us toinform you that minors will have to be accompanied by a parent or a guardianin order to attend LibrePlanet2024 in person。部件或导向部分responsible for the minors they accompany。

We look forward to seeing you at LibrePlanet 2024:Cultivating Community!

Your LibrePlanet team

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