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Patron organizations affiliate themselves with the FSF through financial support。

individual-donor acknowledgements,seeThankGNUs

快速corporate patronage,companies and other organizationscan support the FSF in its mission to defend and protect computerusers'rights.In return,they can enjoy the配电盘,配电盘.Being an FSF patrondemonstrates toa largecommunity已分配free software enthusiasts and decisionmakers that you value their work。(下行和share our flyer)onthe,the前端总线电压调整.)

The FSF does not endorse the activities of its patros,butsincerely appreciates all their support。

If your organization would like to support the FSF through thepatron program,please let us know can alsodonate on our填充,填充控制板



  • Infomaniak


  • Biblionix
  • Grist Labs
  • 4SS
  • Purism
  • Savoir-faire Linux
  • TON Labs

In-kind donors

  • Bytemark Hosting
  • Hurricane Electric

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