LibrePlanet2024 in-person event registration

LibrePlanet is where global free software community members and newcomers meet together to learn from each other,share accomplishments,and face challenges.LibrePlanet 2024will be on May4and52024at the Wentworth Institute of Technology。


This is the registration for the in-person event in Boston,MA,USA.If you can't make it to the in-person event please register for theonline-event。

Important notice for minors,parents,and guardians:The WIT asks us to inform you that minors will have to be accompanied by a parent or a guardian inorder to attend LibrePlanet2024in person.Parents,resp.guardians are responsible for the minors they accompany。

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在LibrePlanet上,总机总装机.You'll be able to register for LibrePlanet gratis and enjoyother benefitsas well。

May4th2024:30AM through May5th2024:30PM
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