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Help us raise awareness of free software within your social networks

We recommend these sites because they follow ethical guidelines and respect their users.

Sign up for an account on any instance of:

Mastodon, andfollow the FSF.

PeerTube, andfollow the FSF.

GNU social

You can also help us create awareness by sharing on:

Hacker News

Other popular sites for sharing news are a problem for technologyusers -- they are set up to lock users to their services and denythem basic privacy and autonomy, though on any such site, you may find free software supporters congregating in unofficial groups. It's important that we letpeople everywhere know about the importance of free software, soif you have an account on these sites, please help spread theword.

Please don't let sharing important newsabout free software lead to further use of these sites.

The FSF is a charity with a worldwide mission to advance software freedom —learn about our history and work. is powered by:


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