应力检测serratia marcens


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5000 mL Pack……。SM302

Included:base SM302(B)+supplement SM302(S)


Colonies Appearance

CHROMagar Serratia


Green-blue to metallic blue


serratiaspecies are implicated in nosocomial infections。In several countries,serratia marcensis frequently associated with epidemics in intensive care units and in particular in neonatal and pediatric units。Surveillance of nosocomial infections requires effective recovery of clinical isolates from faeces,wound exudates and respiratory samples to prevent problems of cross infection and potentially fatal infections。In this context,CHROMagar™,™has developed CHROMagar™,™serratia,a culture medium perfectly suited to the search forS.marcencensin faeces。

Inaddition,S.marcencensis able to survive days to monthogen in nosocomial infections and sporadic epidemics。

Intended Use

CHROMagar™,™Serratia is a selective and differential chromogenic culture medium,intended for use in the qualitative direct detection of colonization withserratia marcens在空气中流动和控制serratia marcensin intensive care unit(ICU),notably neo-natal。测试设备过渡性路面,过渡性路面,wound路面和stools from patients to screen forserratiacolonization。It can also be used in hygiene monitoring in the clinical environment with surface sampling。Results can be interpreted after18-24h of aerobic incubation at35-37℃。


CHROMagar™,™Serratia is not intended to diagnoseserratiainfection nor to guide nor monitor treatment for infections。联锁电压™,™Serratia does not preclude the presence ofSerratia。Further identification,susceptibility testing,and epidemiological typing is needed on suspect colonies。

1.Reliable: First commercially available chromogenic medium forserratia marcens


3.High specificity and lower workload: The conventional media used for the detection ofS.marcencenslike MacConkey Agar has very poor specificity,creating an abundance of false positives。Because all lactos negative bacteria have a similar aspect thanS.marcescens。

On the contraryCHROMagar™,™Serratia detect allserratia(those pigmented or not)and allows technicians to focus on the real contaminated samples。

4.Intense green-blue colouration for easy reading compared to conventional media(MacConkey,Blood Agar)。

5.Fast results 副炉膛外桥serratia marcens。



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