For detection,differentation and enumeration of thermotolerantCampylobacter


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Colonies Appearance

CHROMagar Campylobacter

Campylobacter jejuni, coli,lari 



“Campylobacterbacteria are a major cause of foodborne diarrhoeal illness in humans and are the most common bacteria that cause gastroenteritis worldwide。In developed and developing countries,they cause more cases of diarrhoea than foodborneSalmonella.The high incidence ofCampylobacterdiarrhoea,as well asits duration and possible sequelae,makes it high ly important from a socio-economic perspective。In developing countries,Campylobacterinfections in children under the age of two years are especially frequent,sometimes resulting in death.”

世界健康组织–fact sheet N°255

Campylobacterspp.are fastidious bacteria that may be difficult to recover due to suboptimal specimen transport and/or storage conditions and lack of proper culture procedures。Several culture media formulations have been developed,some blood-based other including charcoal。Each of these media have shown to be a mediocre compromise between specificity and sensitivity。

Intended Use

CHROMagar™,™Campylobacter is a selective chromogenic culture medium intended for use in the qualitative direct detection,differentation and presumptive identification of thermotolerantCampylobacter.The test is performed with rectal swabs and stools,to aid in the diagnosis ofCampylobacterinfections。Results can be interpreted after36-48h of micro-aerophilic incubation at42°C。

Concomitant cultures are necessary to recover organisms for further microbiological testing or epidemiological typing。

联锁电压™,™Campylobacter does not preclude the presence ofCampylobacter

CHROMagar™,™Campylobacter is not intended to diagnose infection nor to guide nor monitor treatment for infections。

CHROMagar™,™Campylobacter can also be used in the detection ofCampylobacterin the analyses of food products for human consumption,animal feed and in environmental samples in accordance with the ISO10272-1。

1.In accordate to ISO10272-1requirementsas a selective medium for the detection ofCampylobacter

4.Highly selectiveIn addition,areinforced sélectivitéallows for a very clean plate,even with heavily flora loaded samples。

2。Easy reading:36-48h incubation at42°C。The intense red colored colonies on atranslucent agar facilitates the reading compared to charcoal based agar。

3.High recovery rate:approx.100%EnumeratingCampylobacterhas never been so simple and so reliable。



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