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Below you can find some of the many ways to socialize at LibrePlanet 2024:Cultivating Community. Come as you are – everyone is welcome at all events!We celebrate all identities, ages, and ethnical backgrounds.

Friday night "open" office

On Friday night, the LibrePlanet festivities start early at theFreeSoftware Foundation office. Join us for socializing and snacks,but arrive early! We have a small office, so for everyone's safety, we'recapping the attendance at fifty. FSF staffers will be letting more people inas others leave, so you may have to wait at the door.

You'll be able to pick up your conference badge (and purchase raffletickets), allowing you to skip the line on Saturday morning! The FSF officeis a short walk from the Downtown Crossing, State, and Park Street MBTAstops. The FSF office is an accessible space, and is at 51 Franklin Street,5th Floor, Boston, MA 02110.

  • Time:Friday, May 3, 2024, 18:00–20:00 EDT
  • Location: FSF office
  • Sign up:Not necessary


We are running a temporaryMinetestgame server again this year. Minetest is a classic and fun free software gamein which players build with blocks. To install Minetest5.xonTrisquel 10, runsudo apt-getinstall minetest.

To connect to our server, use theminetest.libreplanet.orgURLand the default port30000.

Note: Minetest 4.x clients will be unable to connect to the server. Visit theMinetest sitefor ways toinstall the latest version.

Are you lost in the game? Use the in-game command/spawntoreturn to where you began.

Like all of our conference spaces, Minetest players are expected to abide bythe conference safe space policy in their creations and interactions withother players. Trolling, griefing, and similar behavior on Minetest will leadto an IP ban on the Minetest server.

  • Time:All weekend
  • Location:Online

GNU Boot Install Party

Would you like to free your computer? Come to theGNUBoot Install partyand install GNU Boot, a free softwareBIOS/UEFI replacement, on your computer. Volunteers will be available to helpyou with the installation and the GNU Boot maintainers will be availableremotely for questions and feedback. We will support the following computers:ThinkPad X200, ThinkPad X60, ThinkPad X60s, ThinkPad X60t, ThinkPad T60 withan Intel GPU. Note that GNU Boot is still experimental. As GNU Boot isoftentimes difficult to flash and only compatible with an extremely selectrange of motherboards, please note that we cannot be responsible for anypotential hardware malfunctions that may occur during the install party. Youcan help to improve GNU Boot by installing it. Visit theLibrePlanetwikifor more information.

  • Time:Saturday, May 4, 09:30–13:00 EDT, and Sunday, May 5, 09:30–13:00 EDT
  • Location:Wentworth Institute of Technology, room Beatty 419
  • Signup:The signup is not mandatory but it could help us prepare better, especially if you specify which computer you will bring and what BIOS is on this computer. You can add this information to the list of attendeeson the BOF page.

Annual FSF associate members meeting

Get together with other FSF associate members to share your feedback with theFSF. Share your thoughts on the Foundation, the free software movement, andwhat you want to see more of. This event is organized by associate membersand notes from the meeting will be shared with FSF staff. To participate inthe meeting remotely, jump on the FSF member forum #fsf-members to join thediscussion.

  • Time:Saturday, May 4, 2024, 13:00–14:00 EDT (17:00 UTC)
  • Location:Wentworth Institute of Technology, room Saturn
  • Link for remote participants:will be shared on the associate member IRC channel #fsf-members
  • Sign up: Become a member

Saturday night walk

On Saturday evening, starting at 18:35, join us for a walk from the venue,along the Emerald Necklace, up Newbury Street, through the Boston Gardens andCommons, to Quincy Market in the North End, where we will have a huge numberof restaurants to choose from for dinner (5.6 kilometers or 3.5 miles (about100 minutes, since we'll be in a group and therefore slower)). We'll beplaying a game while we walk, "Who knows the FSF best?," with the winnerbeing awarded their prize at the end of the walk. It's an opportunity for youto get some fresh air and exercise, see a bit of Boston, and, if you want,interact with other conference goers in a relaxed environment. We'll be goingpast a number of Boston landmarks and past many restaurants, in case youwanted to cut out earlier. In the event of bad weather, we will all take theGreen Line from the MFA to Quincy Market. An RSVP to, while notrequired, is greatly appreciated; it will help us gauge interest.

  • Time:Saturday, May 4, 2024, 18:35–20:15 EDT
  • Location:Wentworth Institute of Technology to Quincy Market, via Newbury Street and the Boston Gardens and Common
  • Sign

Hack night

Looking for a little quieter social time? The FSF office will be open latefor hacking and hanging out. Snacks, drinks, and power will be provided!Please be aware that this is an alcohol-free event. We have a small office,so for everyone's safety, we're capping the attendance at fifty.

  • Time:Saturday, May 4, 2024, 19:00–21:30 EDT
  • Location: FSF office
  • Signup:Not necessary

Diversity breakfast

Hosted by Savvy Smith and generously sponsored by I2P

Connect with other members over breakfast while we celebrate the ways diversebackgrounds and thought comprise and shape the free software movement. Thisis an informal gathering where we can relax and create a safe space. PleaseRSVP by emailinginfo@fsf.orgby Saturday,May 4, 17:00 EDT. Meet at 8:15am to take a short walk together to therestaurant. If you travel to the event another way, please arrive at therestaurant by 8:30am so we may order together.

  • Time:Sunday, May 5, 8:30–9:30 EDT
  • Location:Tatte Bakery & Cafe | Northeastern, 369 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA
  • Sign up:RSVP by emailinginfo@fsf.orgby Saturday, May 4, 17:00 EDT.

Licensing table

Have you ever had a question about theGNU General Public License(GPL)or free software licenses that you didn't find time to ask?Now you will have an unique opportunity to meet the Licensing and ComplianceLab in person and talk about anything related to licensing. Krzysztof andCraig will be at the registration booth on Sunday, 13:00–14:00.

  • Time:Sunday, May 5, 2024, 13:00–14:00 EDT
  • Location:Wentworth Institute of Technology, registrationbooth (Space Station)
  • Sign up:Not necessary

Book signing and Q&A with Richard M. Stallman

This is a space for you to meet rms, the founder of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU System. You can ask rms questions and/or get your book signed. Please bring your own copy of one of rms' books if you want to get it signed. You can buy them in the GNU Press shoponlineor at the GNU Press booth at the Space Station.

  • Time:Sunday, May 5, 2024, 13:00–14:00 EDT
  • Location:Wentworth Institute of Technology, Saturn
  • Sign up:Not necessary

Birds of a Feather social events

You can host a social get-together during LibrePlanet too!Readmoreinformation about how to organize a Birds of a Feathersession.