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We need your help to release the LibrePlanet 2024 videos

byGreg Farough Contributions Published onMay 14, 2024 01:32 PM

Thanks for joining us for another successfulLibrePlanetconference this year. Whether you attended in person, registeredonline, or simply watched the streams as they were coming through,we're thankful you helped us make LibrePlanet the wonderful communitygathering it is. As always, LibrePlanet was brought to you with afully free software stack, which, given the conference's size and ourlimited resources, is not the easiest feat. Thanks toGalène, we werefortunate to have a flexible streaming setup that worked smoothly --but no LibrePlanet would be complete without a bug or two.

This brings us to our request.We need your help to release the LibrePlanet 2024 videos.

While all talks were streamed as planned,some were not recordeddue to a disk error.We're aware that many people in our community record the streamslocally -- as is their right, and in this moment, also our hope. Ifyou are one of these people, then you can help us complete thesessions we are missing and bring them to the rest of our community.At the present time, we are looking for anyfullrecording of anysession, whether that means a local recording of the FSF's stream or arecording from the in-person audience.

Recordings that include the Q&A are preferred, but any recording thathas the full presentation will be accepted.

If you have a recording, please contactcampaigns@fsf.orgwithinformation about which sessions you have recorded.

Thank you for supporting LibrePlanet 2024 and the free softwaremovement. We look forward to hearing from you!

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