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Cook appeared in the test factory: hidden iPhone 8? -ios learn from entry to master.

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Cook, who has not shown up for a long time, finally met with everyone. But this time, he was visiting CTS, a test equipment manufacturer in Cincinnati. After all, iPhone 8 was about to be released, and Cook, who was good at supply chain, came out to see it.


Originally a common thing, but there are still media interpretation of a different flavor. That's right. Did you see that iPhone 8 on Cook's body? What's the situation?

It turned out that Cook had attended the photo with a device in his right pocket, so the interesting calculation began. After a series of calculations, the final conclusion was that the volume of the device in Cook's pocket was 156 x 74mm.


According to the previous exposure, the size of the 156 x 74mm is iPhone 8, which is shorter and narrower than that of iPhone 7 Plus. This is due to the use of a full screen, so the 5.8 inch iPhone 8 actual body size is only a little larger than that of iPhone 7.

What do you think will be in Cook's trouser pocket? At this level, will he still carry his wallet?


IOS learn from entry to master.

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