The distress of new stationmaster: what kind of website should you make?

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I have also registered many domain names, some expired without renewal, some are still idle. Before looking at their own registered domain name, there will always be a little bit upset and impatient, because they can't think of what kind of website to do with it. The rapid development of the Internet today, what content of the website has, and one or two of the outstanding, their own involvement in which, how to stand out from the rest of the advantages?! So often in the face of the new registration of the domain name at a loss

Sina blog is not included by Baidu reasons and Solutions

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External chain is an important means to improve the ranking of websites. There are various ways to increase the external chain, among which the blog chain is the favorite of many webmasters. Such as Sina blog, including fast, high weight, simple application, easy to use, become the first choice of webmaster chain optimization. But many webmasters reflect that their Sina blog is not favored by Baidu, and the articles published on the blog are not included by Baidu. At the beginning, I also encountered the same situation, and then gradually mastered the methods and skills, and re

The website has successfully registered with alicloud server and changed the theme

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In the past 10 years, blog bars have used free space to go online, and then switched to charging hosts. In the past four years, we have tried American space, domestic space, Hong Kong Space and Japanese space. Most of the time we have spent in American space is American space. It may be because we purchased a host provided by a small service provider, so the host experience is very general. There are often some problems like this or that, and it is difficult to keep up with after-sales service, Therefore, I always want to change the domestic space, but I have been dragging on the record problem

Personal independent blog site the most common ways to make money

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Open a website to say that you don't want to make money. Most of them are deceiving. They have invested a lot of time and energy on the domain name server. Making money is an affirmation of their own labor and also a kind of return. Blog as a kind of website is also the same. In various types of websites, blogs are in a weak position in terms of making money. After all, the update procedures and traffic of blogs are lower and less than those of large communities or information-based sites. However, it does not mean that blogs cannot make money

What is the website to do? What website to do well?

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At present, I have many domain names in my hand. Five of them have opened a blog, and one has been reserved. The rest of the plans are thrown away and will not be renewed. I also warn myself not to register impulsively in the future. The remaining domain name neilong Org (content), I don't want to leave it empty, and I don't plan to dock. Because of the need to pay for renewal, I consider opening a new website with it. Therefore, I encountered a problem that many webmasters will encounter: what content does the new website do

How to build a blog into a website that can hold visitors

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If a blog wants to keep visitors well, in addition to the high quality and readability of the blog content, it is also affected by many factors, such as "the user experience of a website is very important" emphasized by the experts of major websites. A website can not leave visitors with a good feeling, so it is very difficult for visitors to stop. Blog bar here to express the views and feelings of user experience. Blog opening speed