How to get the number of articles published by zblog in the past 24 hours

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In the zblog forum, a user is consulting about how to count the number of zblog updates in 24 hours. If there is no misunderstanding, the user should want to get the number of articles published by zblog website within 24 hours. In fact, through a few basic SQL queries can be achieved, but zblog PHP is more evil, database query through linked SQL, I have not been used to, so I directly take z-w

The method code to realize delayed loading of website image and improve the speed of website opening

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Generally speaking, the delayed loading of web page images means that when loading a web page, the images that should be loaded together are temporarily replaced with small ones to reduce the loading volume. When the user browses to the area of the image, the original image is loaded back (roughly this meaning)! Image delay loading is very helpful to improve the loading speed of web pages. At the same time, it is not cumbersome to realize delayed loading of website pictures

Methods to solve the problem of error returned by zblog PHP upload image display server

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Zblog PHP uses the ueditor editor. When uploading an image, the image is uploaded successfully but cannot be inserted into the content. The display server returns an error. The solution told by zblog administrator is to clean up the BOM header. The zblog application center provides a BOM file header check plug-in, through which the website file BOM header can be checked and removed. 1. In the background, search for the header file in the website

How to solve the problem of ZTI file upload failure when background installing theme

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When browsing the Z-blog forum or other bloggers' Z-blog blogs in the blog bar, it is occasionally found that the ZTI file of the theme fails to upload when a blogger says that the theme is installed in the background of Z-blog. ZTI theme file upload failure may be due to the blog server does not support upload ZTI format file or ZTI theme file exceeds the upload file size limit of Z-blog blog

The center's general address and common site reference

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After the installation is completed, a ping plug-in named Ping center and reference notification sender is provided by default. The function of the plug-in is to send Ping notification to the network update service provider by XML-RPC protocol after Z-blog updates the article through the Ping search engine address entered in advance, so that the content can be included more quickly. The following blog bar collected the current main available Ping address, summarized as follows: Baidu automatic pin

Method code to realize the statistical effect of Z-blog blog running days

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By default, the Z-blog system comes with the statistics of the total number of articles, comments, references, views and comments, but there is no statistics on the running days of Z-blog since it was installed. Therefore, if you want to realize the statistics of running days of Z-blog, you have to manually add code. The implementation method is also very simple, just add a few JavaScript statements. Here are the steps to add JavaScript