How to get the number of articles published by zblog in the past 24 hours

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In the zblog forum, a user is consulting about how to count the number of zblog updates in 24 hours. If there is no misunderstanding, the user should want to get the number of articles published by zblog website within 24 hours. In fact, through a few basic SQL queries can be achieved, but zblog PHP is more evil, database query through linked SQL, I have not been used to, so I directly take z-w

The distress of new stationmaster: what kind of website should you make?

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I have also registered many domain names, some expired without renewal, some are still idle. Before looking at their own registered domain name, there will always be a little bit upset and impatient, because they can't think of what kind of website to do with it. The rapid development of the Internet today, what content of the website has, and one or two of the outstanding, their own involvement in which, how to stand out from the rest of the advantages?! So often in the face of the new registration of the domain name at a loss

Baidu K station to update the official announcement

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In June, the most unforgettable event for webmasters is Baidu algorithm update and system upgrade, which brings about large-scale K station event, commonly known as "6.28 event". In the big event, seven or eight websites operated by me have all become the "victims" of Baidu algorithm update. Therefore, I have been looking forward to the clarification from Baidu officials, Yesterday, baidu Lee in Baidu webmaster community published the "measures for low-quality sites have come into effect

Baidu updated the title and description of the website in only two days

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On the 17th of this month, I modified the title, description and separator of the home page to save the blog. As we all know, although modifying the title of the website is not a major event, it is not a small matter for SEO optimization, because it will cause this adverse effect to the website more or less, such as being reduced by Baidu search engine at least, and being punished by K station in a heavy way. But what makes me excited is the blog bar. After modifying the title and description, baidu updated the snapshot two days later

Baidu webmaster Club Lee reply to confirm that the pure text URL will be crawled by spiders

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I think the plain text URL outside the chain should be useful, and I have been sending the plain text URL, but I dare not confirm it. Because there are so many cloud opinions in this respect, we can't find the official affirmative statement of Baidu. As time goes by, I have doubts again. Today, I searched for "plain text URL link" again and found Lee's reply in Baidu webmaster club, Make sure the spider grabs the plain text URL

One accidentally added sitemap to Baidu's dead chain tool

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Just went to Baidu webmaster platform research, found webmaster tool dead chain tool fill in data examples are "sitemap. Txt and sitemap. XML", it is estimated that many people see these two terms of the first reaction is the sitemap site map, and see the blog bar sitemap. XML also submitted to, and then I immediately new site sitemap. XML to the dead chain tool, and