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Disease overview

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  • The name of the disease: heart disease
  • The parts: heart
  • The departments of hospital: Department of Cardiology
  • The signs and symptoms of tinnitus, snoring, shoulder pain, chest pain, dyspnea at night, supine, sitting ease, paroxysmal. Go upstairs and activities can also occur. Cardiac overload caused by venous obstruction, distal vascular congestion and edema, common symptoms of heart patients.
Disease overview
Heart disease is the common diseases of the circulatory system. The circulatory system by heart, blood vessels and regulating blood circulation organization neurohumor circulatory system disease, also known as cardiovascular disease, including all of the above organs disease, belongs to the common diseases in medical illnesses, including heart disease is the most common, can significantly affect the patient's labor. See detailed
Clinical manifestation
Palpitation, dyspnea, cyanosis, cough, hemoptysis, chest pain, edema, oliguria. Enlarged heart syndrome, abnormal heart sounds, arrhythmia syndrome, abnormal pulse. See detailed
disease control
The etiology of patients has been clear, active treatment can cause received good results. Interventional or surgical treatment can correct the pathological change, most congenital heart disease by surgery or interventional therapy to cure. It is unable or difficult to cure the cardiovascular disease, mainly to correct the pathological changes. See detailed

The doctor said

Qing Yu Wu
Dean, director of the heart center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University

How to prevent heart disease experts online
Heart disease is the first death by the WHO report types of diseases, there are several types of heart disease, is a kind of tire belt was born, we called congenital heart disease.
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