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Embrace ZBP1.7, the website has upgraded ZBP1.7 public beta


Embrace ZBP1.7. This site has upgraded ZBP1.7 Expendables public beta.

Then, by the way, the theme of Zhiboku was upgraded to a higher level. The thumbnail was replaced with the original thumbnail of Zbp1.7, and added Thematic function

Then, record the incompatibility between the Zhiboku theme and Zbp1.7 before upgrading:

Filter_Plugin_Mebmer_Avatar has been deleted and changed to Filter_Plugin_Member_Avatar

$categorys[ID]. An error is reported in the Name development mode, which is changed to $zbp ->GetCategoryByID ($id) ->Name

And then, the theme of the application center version of Zhiboku will be Fix 1.7 Compatibility The original thumbnail should be updated after the official version of ZBP1.7 goes online.

2.10 Update: The application center version has been 1.7 compatible


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  • Ha ha, good theme