What is a heap dump? A heap dump is a snapshot of the memory used by a java process at a certain time. That is to put Java into

In the process of development, testing and even production environment, sometimes outofmemoryerror is encountered, and Java heap overflows, which indicates that the program has serious problems. We need to look inside

In terms of work, we need to configure nginx. To put it into production, we have done some optimization work. In addition, we often tossed about nginx before, so we should write down some optimization work. Optimize the number of nginx processes with

Taking notes, we need to do a lot of verification and other testing work, especially the script test of ansible. If we change a testing machine and have to repeatedly install vagrant, we have to write down this text

Sometimes, we need to do some software installation tests. It's not good to run them directly on the server. So we need to simulate the next environment first. The simulation environment here needs to be the same as the online environment, such as the system

The index of index elastic search is similar to the library in relational database. Index is the general name of data storage unit. But in fact, this is just a procedural point of view

By the way, consdil encountered the following command in the process of learning to use the DNS part. Dig, and NSLOOKUP

What is consult? Consult has multiple components, but overall, it is a tool for discovering and configuring services in your infrastructure. It provides the following key functions: Service Discovery: co

If you don't know tensorflow. JS, turn right: here. Here are some of the core concepts of tensorflow. JS. Because now tenso

Tensorflow.js, an open source library, can use JavaScript and advanced layer API to define, train and run complete machine learning models in browsers. If you

This paper introduces two methods to install elasticsearch. The steps of source code installation are as follows: install Java SDK, configure elasticsearch source, install elasticsearch

If you haven't read it, you can click to see the last two articles: webpack best practice summary (1), webpack best practice summary (2). OK, this is the third and final article. I feel that