The last article introduces four techniques of webpack optimization project, which are compression of JavaScript files by uglifyjs plug-in, CSS load

I haven't written any articles for a long time. I expect to bring three webpack series articles, which will be updated in the next few days. About the basic knowledge part, I wrote a "webpack

This paper mainly discusses the problems of JavaScript in single thread and its solutions. Starting from the browser and node. JS, the content may not be rigorous and there will be errors. Please point out

At present, there are mainly websocket, poll, long poll and DDP protocol websocket

First of all, I have tried to optimize the performance of the web, so I haven't even tried to implement it

The purpose of this paper is to record my understanding of HTTP caching mechanism and caching mechanism of serviceworker's cachestorage

Content negotiation before introducing brotli, let's talk about HTTP content negotiation. Sometimes, the same URL can provide multiple different documents, which requires that there is a

Finally, I took the time to do a simple collation. The content is relatively basic. It mainly granulates the knowledge points, which is convenient to find and deepen the understanding in the future. It can be regarded as a note. In short, "functional programming" is a kind of "programming paradigm"

I'm ready for the end of April. This month, I only published two articles on my blog and deleted one article on hydrology. Actually, I have been reading functional programming. At the end of March and the beginning of April, I have written the whole javascri

There are various versions of promise on the Internet, so here, I just want to record the implementation process of promise and the matters needing attention in use, and then add

The last "webpack 2 and sass setup tutorial" has explained the installation of SASS and webpack settings, so this article is about how to use sass, not involving the advanced part, calculate

Install sass through the package manager of node.js. Here you use yarnyarn add node sass - G node sass - V no