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Pinghsu Theme

Topic introduction

Pinghsu is a Typecho theme based on front-end performance optimization, while taking into account design aesthetics and visual communication. The topic is named after the author's name and the last word of his girlfriend's name in Hong Kong English, struggling to be hsupping or pinghsu, and finally pinghsu, which means that Ping comes first Hsu, that is, listening to her girlfriend.

Download address

Topic Preview

Theme highlights

  • Page preloading and DNS pre resolution ensure extremely fast access speed
  • No jQuery, no front-end framework, lightweight
  • Almost zero code redundancy, almost every code is meaningful
  • Highlight JS code highlights, supporting 22 kinds of programming code
  • Responsive design, supports tablet and mobile phone, and the access experience is even better than desktop
  • Support image CDN image, support a variety of article thumbnail settings
  • Support home page three column and single column selection, article title map and color block
  • Support article catalog, related articles and mathematical formula rendering
  • Support article personalized logo settings, 10 logo options
  • Support personal social button, social sharing
  • Topic settings add XSS detection, comment submission to prevent triggering multiple times
  • There's more to discover~

More previews

Home page - three columns Home page - single column
Article content page - title Article content page - table of contents
Page content page Content page - Comments
Category page Template archive page
Search page four hundred and four
Mobile terminal - home page Mobile terminal - article page Mobile terminal - category page

Theme use

matters needing attention At present, the theme is only tested in Typecho development version, php7.0, and not too many tests in other situations

Go to GitHub to download, click "download zip" to download. After unzip, rename the folder to pinghsu Then upload to /usr/themes , and enable themes.

If you need to update the theme, you can download the latest file first, and then you can complete the update by overlaying the original file. Some new functions need to be opened in the background to take effect

Appearance settings

The appearance setting is mainly divided into four parts: logo and icon settings, function switches, social button settings, image CDN image

Use notes are clearly written in the settings, if you do not understand the place, you can give me feedback

Here are a few additions

  • The CDN setup section only tests qiniu, and theoretically supports CDN with image service
  • Create template archive page, no matter which template is selected, add custom fields archive

Independent search page

Here is the setting method: Here

Post Thumbnails

There are four ways to set the thumbnail in the article, which are custom fields thumb , the first picture attached to the article, the picture inside the article, and the default thumbnail

Priority order: custom field thumb > attachment first picture > Article picture > Default thumbnail > Random Image > none

The size of the thumbnail should be at least 250px, and the width should be greater than the height. The recommended height is 400px

Personalized logo

Personalized logo appears in the home page, category page, tag page, author page and related articles

The setting method is to fill in user-defined fields in the article editing. The supported fields are as follows

book game note chat code image web link design lock

Personalized color block

Personalized color blocks can only be activated by opening the appearance settings. The color blocks appear in the home page, category page, tab, independent search page, etc

The setting method is to fill in user-defined fields in the article editing. The supported fields are as follows

blue purple green yellow red


If you want to get the same friendly link page as me, because it is a Typecho development version, it supports writing in the page <ul><li>

So you can go directly to <ul> Inline one class="flinks" And then in the <li> Insert your friend chain

More setup tutorials: Here

Browser compatibility

This... Modern browsers are compatible····

Contributing contribution

All kinds of contributions (enhancements, new features, documentation & code improvements, issues & bugs reporting) are welcome.

Contributions in various forms are welcome, including but not limited to optimizations, additions, documentation & code improvements, problem and bug reporting.

License license

Open sourced under the MIT license.

Open source under MIT license.