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April GNU Spotlight with Amin Bandali:Eleven new GNU releases!

by自由软件基金会 内容,内容 公共,公共Apr302024 12:39PM
内容:Amin Bandali

Eleven new GNU releases in the last month(as of April282024):

  • ed-1.20.2:Ed is a line-oriented文本editor:rather than offering an overview of a document,ed performs editing one line at a time.It can be executed bothinteractively and via shell scripts.Its method of command inputallows complex tasks to be performed in an automated way。GNU ed offers several extensions over the standard utility。
  • g-golf-0.8.0-rc-3:G-Golf(Guile Object Library for)is a library for developingmodern applications in Guile Scheme.It comprises a direct binding目标入口API和高保真值完整性forimporting Gnome libraries and making GObject classes(and methods)available in Guile's object-oriented programming system,GOOPS。
  • gnubg-1.08.003:The GNUbackgammon application can be used for playing,analyzing andteaching the game.It has an advanced evaluation engine based on炉底承载器和负载players.In addition to a command-line interface,it also featuresan attractive,3D representation of the playing board。
  • ncurses-6.5:GNU Ncurses isa library which provides capabilities to write text to a terminal ina terminal-independent manner.It supports pads and coloras wellas multiple high lights and forms characters.It is typically usedto implement user interfaces for command-line applications.Theaccompanying ncursesw library provides wide character support。
  • parallel-20240422:GNU专用配电盘上的配电盘or more computers.Jobs can consist of single commands or ofscripts and they are executed on lists of files,hosts,users orother items。
  • poke-4.0:GNU poke is aninteractive,extensible editor for binary data.Not limited toediting basic entities such as bits and bytes,it provides a全fledged procedural,interactive programming language designedto describe data structures and to operate on them。
  • r-4.4.0:R is a language andenvironment for statistical computing and graphics.It providesstatistical techniques,such as linear and nonlinearmodeling,classical statistical tests,time-series analysis,classification and clustering.It also provides robust supportfor producing publication-quality data plots.A large amount of第三级包装,greatly increasing its breadthand scope。
  • shepherd-0.10.4:The GNUShepherd is a daemon-managing daemon,meaning that it supervises the系统服务,再生similar functionality foundin typical init systems.It provides dependency-handling through aconvenient interface and is based on GNU Guile。
  • stow-2.4.0:GNU Stow is asymlink manager.It generates symlinks to directories of data andmakes them appear to be merged into the same directory.It is从管理软件包installed到source,by letting you install them apart in distinct directories and thencreate symlinks to the files in a common directory such as`/usr/local'。
  • taler-0.1.1:Taler provides铁路系统列车专用线运输fast and easy。
  • tramp-2.6.3:TRAMP is a GNUEmacs package that allows you to access files on remote machines asthough they were local files.This includes editing files,通风控制柜和modifying directory contentswith`dired'.Access is performed via ssh,rsh,rlogin,telnet orother similar methods。

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