Efficient and smooth

Cloud storage&new experience of collaborative office

  • For example, private cloud disk/enterprise network disk for Windows experience
  • Fully supports privatization deployment, and storage security is controllable
  • Online preview, edit and play of hundreds of file formats
  • Easy sharing, efficient collaboration, and fine-grained permission control
  • Full platform client coverage, anytime, anywhere access, easy synchronous mounting
Experience DEMO

Enterprise network disk like Windows operation

Cloud based document management can also be operated in the enterprise online disk as smoothly as on the computer. It is never so simple and convenient to be familiar with box selection, drag and drop, and shortcut keys

 Enterprise network disk

cloud storage

Private deployment, centralized storage, excellent experience, plug-in market

 Enterprise cloud disk

Cloud Office

One click sharing, easy preview, synchronous backup

 Enterprise network disk

Cloud collaboration

Collaborative editing, word marking, write and save, historical version

 Enterprise cloud disk

Cloud management

Organizational structure, flexible permissions, operation logs

 Enterprise network disk

Cloud expansion

OpenAPI, single sign on, object storage, extension framework

 Enterprise cloud disk

New experience

Windows experience, enterprise logo

Easy preview, online viewing anytime, anywhere

Hundreds of common formats of documents can be viewed easily with a browser anytime, anywhere. There is no need to download the software locally or install the software on the terminal.

Multimedia such as pictures, music and videos

Online preview and editing of Office documents

PDF, OFD, XPS and other layout documents

Photoshop, Illustrator design drawings

AutoCAD drawings

Online compression and decompression, direct preview of compressed package

Markdown, txt online editing

Epub e-books, email documents, websites, etc

Flow chart, online PS and more

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Cloud office, so easy

It supports online preview and editing of Office, and can be edited by multiple people, and the historical version of the document can be traced back;
There is also online preview of professional documents such as Photoshop, Ai, AutoCAD, etc., which can meet your office needs anytime, anywhere.

 Online office

Online Preview

Support online preview of documents in Word, Excel and Powerpoint versions

 Office online editing

Office online editing

Meet the requirements for heavy online editing of documents; Support graphic editing, picture pasting, data report generation, etc.

 Cooperative office

Co edit

Support real-time online collaborative editing by multiple people, real-time viewing of other people's changes, real-time saving and automatic version merging

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Easy file sharing

One click file sharing supports the generation of external links; Scan the QR code, and your phone can quickly view it;

It can set the expiration time, extract the password, and download permissions to meet the needs of more scenarios, and easily share files to customers and colleagues.

Organization structure integration

Division management

Tree permission allocation supports group management of members according to the enterprise organization structure. Multi department partition and hierarchical flexible management can meet the requirements of different organizational structures and departments for setting internal and external document permissions.

Organization structure integration

Perfect integration and mapping of enterprise organizational structure Private Cloud Multi level nested permission management is set in to realize the file management level of group permissions.

Diversified authority setting

Rich permission settings

Provide file management, upload and download, data configuration, user management, group management, plug-in management and other settings of nearly 30 different global permissions; Multiple combinations with group role permissions cover all business scenarios.

Flexible combination configuration

The administrator can flexibly configure role permissions according to the enterprise's organizational structure and business needs, combined with department permissions and global permissions, to meet the needs of enterprise diversified permission settings.


Multi policy guarantees system security:

  • The password ciphertext database is stored, and sensitive data is encrypted and transmitted during login.
  • One time encryption connection;
  • Csrf anti cross station access_ token;
  • Prevent violent password cracking;
  • Access the IP whitelist, and the administrator account restricts the login of the designated computer;
  • Folder directory access mode, user-defined file encryption mode.
  • The application access protocol supports https, independent client, and complex permission settings; All operations are logged and the operator IP is recorded

Fully private deployment

Support the private deployment of Daoyun within the enterprise, facilitate the trinity of enterprise software, hardware and network, and control all data globally.

Plug in/light application, easy expansion

Netdisk built-in light applications and plug-in market, hundreds of plug-ins and expansion support, from office environment to personal entertainment, almost cover all needs of daily use.

Customer Stories

More than 400000 server installations, and enterprise network disks used by thousands of enterprises

Hangzhou Yuhang District E-government System

Fujian Radio and Television Network

Zhongdi Digital Group

Kuangshi Technology

Hangzhou Binjiang Real Estate Group

Longcheng Tourism Holding Group

Pengcheng Laboratory

Urumqi Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

Shanhe Intelligent Equipment Group

Shenzhen University

China Railway Jinan Bureau Group

Oriental sunrise

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