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Master the bidding strategy to help you achieve the goal of expansion and efficiency!

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Master the bidding strategy to help you achieve the goal of expansion and efficiency!

In SEM launch, bidding is an important decisive factor for advertising effectiveness and ROI.

Due to the poor ability of manual bidding to grasp high-quality traffic, there will be problems such as high customer acquisition cost, low presentation, and unsatisfactory lead efficiency. More and more advertisers will choose the OCPC mode to launch, so as to control the conversion cost, quantity, and quality.

What are the advantages of OCPC bidding? How can CPC bid be stably converted to OCPC? This article will give you a detailed explanation of the OCPC launch strategy.

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01 CPC and OCPC

Manual bidding (CPC), that is, the optimizer estimates the maximum click cost per click based on experience, manually sets click bidding, and the system treats traffic equally.

Due to the rapid changes in traffic and user demand, manual bidding requires frequent adjustment of the monitoring effect, which is difficult to achieve cost control and volume expansion at the same time.

Therefore, CPC offers are suitable for advertisers who have certain requirements on the display of advertisements, are willing to use higher bids to ensure the winning rate of the top display, or have strict requirements on click costs.

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OCPC bidding is the system's prediction of the conversion probability of each user's search based on the whole link conversion data, real-time bidding, and dynamic adjustment of thousands of people and thousands of faces.

Compared with CPC, OCPC is more sensitive and accurate. The system is picky about traffic and more efficient in achieving the goal of expanding volume and improving efficiency.

 Figure 2.jpg

When CPC bidding is used, when the system finds that the plan accumulates enough data, it will push a reminder to switch between enhanced mode or ocpc bidding mode, so that the plan can steadily expand its volume while the conversion cost is stable.

02 How to switch OCPC bid smoothly?

Before switching the OCPC bid, the advertiser should first adjust the launch idea.

CPC launch needs to always adjust the bid and pay attention to the average click price, but OCPC recommends more observation and less operation to draw long-term data to focus on conversion volume, conversion cost and transaction rate.

In the preparation stage of switching to OCPC, advertisers should clarify the following points:

① Determination of transformation target

According to the characteristics of the enterprise and the back-end conversion rate, select a reasonable conversion method (form/phone/consultation, etc.).

② Account structure arrangement

According to the previous launch data, consider whether PC and mobile terminal, launch period and launch region are built separately.

③ Keyword structure adjustment

Focus on adding business core words, which is conducive to model learning, and at the same time, simplify the negative words of plan and unit level to avoid affecting the system expansion.

④ Creativity and page optimization

Observe the launch data, clear up the creativity of low click through rate, and set different groups of advanced styles for mobile and PC terminals.

⑤ Determination of target conversion cost

In the launch of OCPC, the target conversion cost set by the optimizer and the conversion rate estimated by the oCPC model directly determine the bidding competitiveness of advertising.

If the advertiser is not clear about how to set the target conversion cost, it is recommended to use CPC bid first, and then transfer to OCPC after the conversion data is fully accumulated and there is reasonable expectation for the target conversion cost.

 Figure 3. png

After the preparation phase is completed, the system will enter the model learning period and display the "learning" status. The advertising effect may fluctuate slightly.

It is recommended that advertisers observe patiently, do not measure the launch effect during this period, and do not frequently adjust the launch package (orientation, creativity, bidding, etc.), so as to ensure that the system can obtain consistent user transformation behavior and pass the learning period as soon as possible.

The display of "learning success" indicates that the system has completed the learning and can accurately estimate the possible conversion value of the traffic to ensure that the conversion cost is relatively stable.

It is suggested that advertisers should continue to launch, keep observing the effect of advertising, reasonably optimize account settings, and avoid unnecessary frequent adjustments.

 Figure 4. png

If "learning failure" is displayed, it indicates that the system cannot accurately estimate the conversion value of traffic due to the sparse user conversion behavior in recent advertising, and the advertising effect and cost are in an unstable state.

It is not recommended to delete the bidding strategy directly. Advertisers can refer to the suggestions of diagnostic analysis to adjust the flow direction range, reasonably set the cost or optimize the advertising quality.

The bidding strategy will be relearned after optimization operations such as improving the bidding strategy and expanding the orientation range.

 Figure 5. png


Q: What if OCPC has no capacity?

Answer: Evaluate whether the advertising conversion bid, click rate and conversion rate have reached the industry average.

It is suggested to give priority to key words, deal with inefficient words, release negative words, and refer to key word planners and stargazing disks to expand words.

Q: What if the cost of OCPC conversion is high?

A: The high conversion cost is related to the click rate and conversion rate. It is suggested to check the relevance of keywords - creativity - landing page, optimize the quality of creativity and landing page, and promote users to make purchase decisions.

In addition, the unreasonable setting of the release package will also lead to this result. It is recommended to reasonably allocate the release period and region, add core keywords, and reject the words without conversion keywords.

Q: The transformation cost fluctuates greatly and is unstable?

A: First, stop making excessive adjustments to the account, such as frequent budget adjustments, substantial changes to the promotion area or time period, large-scale deletion of words and addition of negative words

Check whether the effect fluctuates greatly due to the small accumulation of clues. It can increase the budget, reduce line collision, extend the delivery period, and continuously accumulate the conversion volume, so that the system can learn to stabilize the delivery effect.

Q: What if the efficiency of clues is low?

Answer: We should check the relevance of the key words - creativity - landing page - transformation link, and pay special attention to the reasonable setting of forms and consultation pages.

To sum up, OCPC is based on a more scientific conversion rate estimation mechanism to achieve intelligent bidding, obtain more high-quality traffic and improve the conversion completion rate.

Master the OCPC bidding strategy, expand the volume and improve efficiency, and spend money on the traffic that is most likely to be converted!

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