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Now, four months later, which Android machines have eaten the "Oreo"?

Every time a new version of Android comes out, Android device users may wonder: when can I upgrade my device?

Generally speaking, if your phone has been made in the past two years, you are likely to be able to upgrade - of course, each manufacturer is different, depending on the model you are using. It has been four months since the launch of Android 8.0. We have also taken stock of some models that have already eaten the "Oreo".

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After the official launch on August 22, Google's "Pro son" should be the first to eat "Oreo". The models include pixel, pixel XL, pixel C, nexus 6p, nexus 5x and nexus player. The pixel 2 and pixel 2XL released this year are pre installed with Android 8.0.
On other new models, Huawei mate 10 pro and HTC U11 plus are pre installed with Android 8.0.

In October of this year, some of Sony's premium customers received an update of the Xperia; In November, the overseas Xperia XZ / XZS and Xperia x performance ushered in Android 8.0 updates one after another; In December, the Xperia XZ / XZS and XZ premium models of BOC have also tasted "Oreo".

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