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Hire a "housekeeper" for mobile phones, stepping into the intelligent era of high efficiency and security

In the era of full touch smart phones, mobile phones have become a necessity in our lives. And everyone's mobile phone use habits are different, some bad mobile phone use may affect the security and stability of the operating system. For ordinary users, there are few steps to solve the problems of mobile phones.

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At the same time, we usually encounter some stubborn mobile trojan virus, from a variety of spam SMS and marketing phone harassment. To solve these problems, our best solution is to find a reliable "mobile phone housekeeper".

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No matter how much memory space (ROM) is, there are always times when we are in short supply. When the mobile phone prompts "insufficient space", all kinds of troubles will come along. When there are dozens or even hundreds of software installed in the mobile phone, most people have no time to check the source of the garbage cache one by one. Sometimes they spend a lot of energy to delete the junk files in the app one by one. On the contrary, there will be errors in deleting them. It is really not worth the loss. Especially for some models with insufficient storage space, if we can solve the problem of rampant garbage files, it is simply the Savior of small storage models.

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In addition, the normal operation of ram may directly affect the use experience of mobile phone. Due to the need to face too many apps with poor optimization effect, sometimes even my mobile phone 5 with 8GB of running memory will run out of memory, which will cause software to flash back. What's more, the running memory of mainstream models is still at or below 6GB. Once this kind of mobile phone is attacked by software that takes up more memory, it will eventually perform worse than it can. Although there are allocation mechanism and recovery mechanism in the background of mobile phone system, active cleaning can more accurately ensure that each software runs stably and smoothly.

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In order to prevent or reduce the occurrence of the above two situations and make full use of the storage space of the mobile phone, Tencent's mobile phone manager provides the "cleaning acceleration" function, which can accurately analyze which garbage files are really useless, and ensure that important files will not be deleted by mistake. For some junk files that you really don't know whether to delete or not, Software garbage cache files can also be selected. In addition to cleaning up junk files, this function can also help users clean up background programs, so that the mobile phone can keep the best working state at any time.

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