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Disease overview

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  • Name: atherosclerosis disease
  • The position: chest
  • Medical Department of Cardiology
  • Long time: the signs and symptoms of angina or acute myocardial infarction with acute chest pain, dyspnea, sudden heart palpitations, sustained tachycardia or dizzy etc.. If the cardiac arrest occurs instantaneously, without prior warning, 95% for cardiac, and coronary artery disease.
Disease overview
Sudden cardiac death (sudden cardiac, death, SCD) refers to sudden death due to various reasons caused by the heart. See detailed
Clinical manifestation
Sound pulse disappeared, nonpalpable, undetectable blood pressure, sudden loss of consciousness or accompanied by short twitch, breathing is intermittent, sighing, after the stop, unconscious, mydriasis. See detailed
disease control
The regular physical examination, avoid fatigue and mental stress, quit smoking, limit alcohol, balanced diet, weight control, exercise, pay attention to fatigue of the danger and the onset of symptoms of attention, has been suffering from coronary heart disease, hypertension patients should be under the guidance of a doctor to adhere to medication. See detailed
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Li Qiang
The Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, director of Department of Endocrinology and metabolism

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Shao Jun Wen
Beijing An Zhen Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University

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