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Theme: Extreme · Zhibo Cool Theme

The webmaster often adds or modifies some experimental functions to the website.

If one day you find that this site has become very strange, it is normal.

The theme of this site is the beta version, which is different from the application center version.

The version of Zhibo Ku in the application center has been upgraded to Ship New 2.0, which is more powerful than the version used on the site.

The user center plug-ins used by this site are: Z-Blog user center plug-in (Mochu Member Center) It is not a built-in feature of the theme

The login registration of this website is a function of the modified Mochu Member Center. It is not the theme itself, but the default style of Mochu Member Center.



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  • Zhiyuan On November 27, 2020 at 13:53:25 reply
  • How many QQ contacts do you have, webmaster? If you have any questions, I need to consult you. I have already purchased the template
  • visitor At 17:58:59 on October 19, 2020 reply
  • The website theme is very good