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  • It takes only 1 minute to establish a transaction anytime, anywhere!
    Based on Taobao style guaranteed transaction process, coupled with years of rich intermediary service experience, make the transaction safer!
    Deal with the consumer insurance merchant. If the transaction fails (refund), you can get an additional 5~10% of the transaction amount!
    All merchants have passed mobile phone and real name authentication!
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    deal 340,479,287 element transaction 432,633 pen member 566,826 position business 48,035 home
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    Xinwenzhan.com News Station


    Sell domain names and websites

    Domain name: ttfy.com.cn Domain name introduction: translation every day, popular search index industry, money is vast


    On the Internet

    Wuaixue=Wuaixue is suitable to be an education website portal, a teaching resource website, and a boutique domain name


    Biqu Grocery Shop

    Sold by feilong.net.cn, the domain name expires in 2024



    The domain name of the source network is sold: Zero source network (00hy. com)


    All Share Mall

    Contact [qq] i [/qq] [phone] [/phone]


    Issuing domain name

    Ultra high Baidu included its own flow of old corn


    Brother Youle

    Platform: Western digital trading mode: platform push has been transferred to the old domain name of collection for several years


    Zhengqian Network Studio

    Old domain name, well included, many years of website building history


    Jiekang source code

    Local release, release platform, release network


    Yidian Zhitong Technology
    ¥800 Easy payment docking Alipay three-way interface maomaosky

    Docking with Hanyin. Must be able to jump within QQ

    ¥20000-40000 PC end software development and customization requirements Xiaoyu strolls

    I Installation package II Sign in Enter the account and password, check "View and agree to the Privacy Policy", and click Login; Note: Before logging in, you need to add the IMEI number of the device on the platform, otherwise you cannot log in normally; Access method: 1) Click "Settings" to view IMEI number; 2) Open the phone dial, enter * # 06 # in the dial, and the IMEI number interface will pop up immediately. The successful login interface is as follows: 1) General work order: not involved for the time being 2) Hidden danger work order: not involved for the time being 3) Power generation work order: 4) Work order by time: 5) Emergency communication guarantee work order: 6) Assembly and maintenance work order for the special line between the government and enterprises of the customer gathering company: not involved for the time being 7) Patrol inspection work order: III Patrol inspection work order needs to realize all functions through PC    

    ¥2000 Php language is used to develop the form submission procedure, which requires neat syntax. Form submission Alipay mobile+computer payment WeChat JSapi+h5+ guzhuvip

    Php language is used to develop the form submission program, which requires neat syntax. The form submission environment of Alipay mobile+computer payment WeChat JSapi+h5+computer payment is adaptive. There is a good UI on the home page. After the user submits the data, he/she selects to pay and submit the payment. The submitted information can be returned to modify the information submitted by the same device user on the second entry page (and refresh the page). If the information is retained, the payment can be initiated again to complete the order. After the form information is submitted and the payment is successful, the second submission information page will jump to (specific details). Form information can be added and reduced in the background. For example, name information can be added and ID number information can be reduced. Background order statistics default daily unpaid and paid quantity, Custom time Order statistics Order search Export order custom time Export order information according to order number, mobile name, etc. Export items in xls format can be added or deleted (for example, do not need order number and order amount) Simple comparison of form information, name and ID card information, no no prompt of ID card information error, WeChat Alipay payment background can close and open sorting, add order query, enter mobile phone number, query order status, The background confirms the order status, uploads the order shipment information (pictures), orders get the origin keywords, ip addresses, complaint forms, can submit text and picture content, order query, complaint forms, on the home page, the window style has been hung, showing the template, pc mobile, self-adaptive, main mobile, very small details, in the development of communication, novices, don't disturb the liar

    ¥700-1200 The second development distribution function of the php mall, with detailed documentation Zhongke Network

    The shopping mall needs to be opened for the second time, and the backend ThinkPaP front-end uniapp needs to add a level award and a buyer's head award. For details, please refer to the document or contact. The price can be negotiated in the backend: http://888shop.zknet.cc/admin/adminmeng1990





    customer service

    Official customer service

    Customer service QQ: 400 * * * 86 (click direct dialogue)

    Customer service telephone: 400 * * * 86 (check the complete number)

    Customer service email: serve#huzhan.com

    Management only deals with transaction complaints, reports, accounts, funds and other platform use issues;
    For product questions, please consult the merchant customer service QQ displayed on the product details page.

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