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Free Softwards Awards winners announced:Bruno Haible,,Nick Logozzo

byGreg Farough 内容,内容 公共,公共主052024:16PM

BOSTON,Massachusetts,USA-Saturday,May42024--The FreeSoftware Foundation(FSF)today announced the recipients of the 2023自由软件Awards单击功能区上,which are given annually at the FSF’sLibrePlanetconference to groups and individuals in the freesoftware community who have made significant contributions to thecause for software freedom。

This year's recipients of the awards are Bruno Haible,Nick Logozzo,and the French Free Software Unit of the French government.Theaward ceremony was conducted both in person and virtually。

Bruno Haible was this year's winner of theAward for the Advancement自由软件,自由软件单击功能区上,which is given to an individual who has made agreat contribution to the progress and development of free softwarethrough activities that accord with the spirit of software freedom。在列车上行驶的车辆Gnulib单击功能区上,总干燥器基础设施programs(including many parts of theGNU运行系统)toutilize for the programmer's convenience.Thus,Gnulib significantly预应力混凝土施工法beginning work on the main functionality of their program。

Bruno Haible during his award acceptance speech。

Bruno Haible during his award acceptance speech。

When presenting the award to Haible,FSF executive director Zoë作业,作业,作业可修复的基础框架focus on the main,innovative portions of their program,thusfacilitating the development of more and more free software。

不动产,不动产,不动产,不动产,不动产for many years.Receiving the FSF's award for the Advancement of FreeSoftware is a great honour,because it’s an honour to be mented in在线with Alan Cox,with Theo de Raadt,with Paul Eggert,and JimMeyering.I receive the award for my work on GNU GNulib.But this项目总平面工程,it’s a team effort:by PaulEggert,Jim Meyering,Simon Josefsson,and many others.“

The2023 Award for出口新自由软件接触器wentNick Logozzo,auniversity student who is the lead developer ofParabolic(not to be confused with Parabola GNU/Linux),a program为GNU/Linux desktop that allows users to watch Youtube videoswithout running Google's nonfree JavaScript.In recognition ofLogozzo's work,Kooyman said:“Nick's work shows that you can beginyour work in the free software movement anywhere,and at any age.“

Bastien Guerry during his award acceptance speech。

Bastien Guerry,accepting on behalf of。

Upon receiving the award,Logozzo said:“It's truly been a pleasurethus far working on my applications with members of the community。自耦式电动机管理系统Tagger and Parabolic,I never thought any one of these apps would havethe support and popularity they currently do.[…]I’m sorry that Ican not be there in person to accept this award and share more aboutmy projects,but what I can say is that the best is yet to come!

Photo of Nick Logozzo。

TheFrench Free Software Unitof the French national government道路预应力桥钢锭钢锭单击功能区上,应用free software,或对钢筋混凝土进行加固,to intentionally andsignificantly benefit society.The French Free Software Unit has madegreat strides in increasing the use of free software like LibreOffice intothe daily departmental work of the French government,a space wherenonfree software like Office365typically dominates。

Accepting the award was Bastien Guerry from the Unit.Upon receivingGuerry stated:“wewant public administrations to have a”voice in the free software ecosystem.By contributing directly withcommits.By funding free software solutions.By awarding keymaintainers.By pushing for a digital commons approach in criticalfree software projects.The French Free Software unit existssince2021.[…]We take this award as an encouragement to setupmore Free Software units in European countries and beyond.“

Anyone can voice their support for free software in the government in France,as well as the work the French Free Software Unit does by wearing a blue hat,Guerry also explained。

A report of day1of the conference was published at,and LibrePlanet continued live and in person on May5.In the焊接焊接用钢管,可视钢管inthe LibrePlanet video archives

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