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Fair Use Guidelines

*Fair use allows us to overprovision resources which allows you to use a bigger share as needed. It's important to understand that for this to work out and benefit everyone, there are some limits we may impose, and that this is NOT dedicated resources. If you'd like closer to dedicated resources, we recommend going with our Premium Ryzen services. Explore what fair use means by viewing the guidelines to the right, or navigate to our premium general use virtual server plans below.

Your fair share is 10% of the advertised level, guaranteed at the corresponding port speed. For example, 32TB means at minimum 100Mbps unmetered (or 32TB per month.) We may at our discretion therefore after 10% usage limit your port speed, but access to full port speed is guarantee up until 10% allocation.

You will always, in any case, be able to use up to 100% of the advertised bandwidth allocation. 

Even if all customers use 100% of their bandwidth allocation in any given month, the port will never be fully saturated.

For these packages, we will more strictly follow our AUP

This means you will be able to utilize the following amount:

  • Up to 5 Minutes Burst: 95-100% CPU
  • 2+ Hours: 50% CPU

In addition, if there is congestion, your guaranteed minimum share of CPU will approximately be 12.5% per core, but more realistically 25% per core. This means worst case scenario, if every customer on a congested node is attempting to simultaneously use all their assigned cores, you will naturally receive, at minimum, 12.5-25% of the power (worst case scenario.)

Your RAM allocation is not guaranteed, but you are allowed to use 100% of your allocated memory at all times (fair use.)

Should everyone decide to utilize 100% of their memory allocation simultaneously, worst case scenario, a minimum of 50% of your allocation is guaranteed to be RAM, and the remaining 50% may be swap space. We do not expect such a situation to ever occur based on normal utilization patterns.

Your disk space is not guaranteed to be dedicated, although at this time it is a dedicated allocation. In the future, the disk space may be thin LVM, meaning it may be overprovisioned.

If this occurs, it will be done responsibly and you will always be allowed to use up to 100% of the allocated space.

Your IP allocation is fully dedicated, as advertised. Should your plan be advertised as IPv4 NAT, it means the IPv4 address is shared. If NAT is not mentioned, then it is by default dedicated.

We only make this distinction in case you purchased a variant of the plan as a special offer or discounted version with IPv4 NAT.

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10 Core, 360GB Disk, 40TB Bandwidth

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12 Core, 480GB Disk, 48TB Bandwidth

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16 Core, 720GB Disk, 64TB Bandwidth

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Cloud Hosting

The High performance cloud platform ever

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