Is our standard VPS not enough? Check out our 10Gbps, Protected, and Storage servers.

10Gbps Port

Upgrade any of your premium cloud packages to 10Gbps port speed.


Virtual servers with large amounts of HDD storage instead of NVMe SSD.

DDoS Protection

Receive free DDoS Protection, up to 20Gbps, on any VPS package.


High RAM virtual servers, with lower processing power & SSD speed.


Upgrade any premium cloud service to "Enable VDS" for CPU optimization.

Windows Optimized

Easy to use, pre-installed desktop. Full access & works with both RDP & VNC.

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10Gbps VPS

Burst up to 10Gbps. Network Optimized VPS.

Storage VPS

Affordable hard drive storage, but fast (RAID10.)

DDoS Protection

Up to 20Gbps, on all VPS plans where available.