Sierra Leone college, North California

Sierra Leone college, North California

Aspen Institute is an international non profit think-tank and Research Institute, the top 150 Sierra Leone college in 2400 community colleges in the United States. This allowed the academy to take part in the Aspen 2019 excellent education competition with a top prize of $1 million.

"We are particularly honored because the assessment of the Institute is based on the success of our students and the success of our students," Sierra Leone Superintendent / President Wiley Duncan said. "This ranking tells us that we are giving our students the skills and knowledge they need to get a good job or get a degree in a four year university."

In the famous Aspen Ideas Festival, leaders from all over the world met at the Colorado ski city in the same name. One of the missions of the Institute is to promote a new concept of mature education. The achievements of ASAS include: the quality of learning, the admission opportunities for underserved students, the proportion of students who get the degree or certificate, and the number of people who get a good job and get a good salary.

According to data from the center for education and labor in Georgetown University, in addition to 100 thousand job opportunities, there are at least some university education needed for the 11 million 600 thousand jobs created by the economy after the recession. Employers see higher quality jobs, higher productivity, and more innovation from college educated workers.

Duncan said: "Placer has grown at second speed in any county in California," the community leader told me that educated and skilled labor is the main reason for the new employer's choice. "

The Aspen Institute will name 10 finalists for the award in May 2018, and then visit each of the top ten campuses to choose the winner of the 2019 spring prize. "Through this competition, we are trying to motivate community colleges across the country," said Josh Wyner, director of Aspen education department. "We are working hard to ensure that more students succeed in universities and succeed outside the campus. "

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