Sierra Leone college, Northern California, USA

Sierra Leone college, Northern California, USA
Aspen Institute is an international non-profit think tank and research institution. It is the top 150 Sierra Leone college among 2400 community colleges in the United States. This qualifies the college to compete in Aspen's best education competition with a maximum prize of $1 million in 2019.

"We are particularly honored because the Institute's assessment is based on student outcomes and the success of our students," said Sierra Leone Superintendent / President Willie Duncan. "Tell our students in this four-year program the knowledge they need to get a good degree and get it."

At the famous annual Aspen ideas Festival, leaders from all over the world meet in their namesake Colorado Ski city. One of the tasks of the Institute is to promote mature new educational ideas. The achievements of the as awards include: the quality of learning, access to underserved students, the proportion of students with degrees or certificates, and the number of people with jobs and good salaries.

According to Georgetown University Education and labor center, of the 11.6 million jobs created in the post recession economy, at least some college education is needed, in addition to 100000. Employers see higher quality jobs, higher productivity, and more innovation from university educated workers.

"Plesser is growing at the second fastest rate in any county in California," Duncan said. Community leaders told me that educated and skilled labor is the main reason new employers choose to position here.

Aspen Institute will name 10 winners for the award in May 2018, and then visit each of the top 10 campuses to select the winners for the spring of 2019. "Through this competition, we're trying to motivate community colleges across the country," said Josh Wyner, Aspen's director of education. "We're trying to make sure that more students succeed at university and off campus.

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