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WordPress obsessive compulsive disorder skills: making the address of the article (ID) perfectly continuous

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Using HSTs security protocol to solve the compatibility problem of whole station HTTPS

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WordPress comment slide / zipper unlock myqaptcha modified to auto submit method

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Summary of Google's various treatment methods behind the wall

February 4, 2020

A series of twists and turns caused by blocking 443 port of telecommunication broadband

one thousand and four thirty-six
It's been a long time since I started blogging. Recently, when the coronavirus was rampant, I could only stay at home and either bring my baby or brush the news. Recently, I just had some experience with the gateway. I thought about the blog and found that the background couldn't be opened. Check and see, the original station I deployed on Qunhui has already hung B, and only cloudflare's CDN cache is barely supporting. Further diagnosis, the root cause is that the telecom broadband 443 port has been blocked, so cloudflare back to the source has been closed. The heart of the silent greetings (river crab), and then quickly think of a number of programs:
June 2, 2019

Zhang Ge blog's experience and skills of using cloudflare CDN acceleration

ninety-four sixty-seven
My previous blog post mentioned that has been changed due to the change of personal domain name As a result, the server has to be relocated to other countries. By the way, the blog uses AWS lightsail, coordinates Tokyo, and the configuration is as follows: Figure 1: I chose package 3, and attached a 20GB cloud data disk, which is about $10 a month. The conversion is about 80 yuan, which is more than that of most domestic cloud servers in Hong Kong or overseas Cost effective. If you choose the first two packages, it will be cheaper. Figure 2: expense report in recent months
March 22, 2019

Solve the problem that the reply comment box does not follow and the page refresh after upgrading WordPress 5.1

three thousand two hundred and seventy-four twenty-five
Recently, I found that there are many problems in the blog. First, I found that the picture box and JS QR code were invalid. Then, the comment page was refreshed directly by clicking the reply button. There was no comment box to follow. Even today, even the CSS icon of the website has been hung up... I can't bear it. I decided to spend some time to see what the problem was. When I opened F12, there was no obvious error. Since the CSS icon was hung up, it should be that there was a problem with the CSS address of my external link to fontawesomes. So I filtered this address and found it was 301?? The similar situation is as follows: CDN. Bootss
October 20, 2017

Blog webpage causes computer CPU to soar

eighty forty-six
Several visitors and friends have reported anonymously that as long as I open my blog, the CPU of my computer will go crazy: because I'm busy, I haven't paid any attention to it all the time. First, my MacBook Air has not turned on abnormally; second, I haven't made any transformation recently, so there should be no problem. I didn't think of this problem until I was free today. So I asked several friends to have a try, and they all gave feedback that there was a problem! Under windows, the CPU is running wildly, and the fan is whistling under MAC (strangely, my Mac is OK). It seems that it is really necessary to solve the problem. ...
October 2, 2017

Blog integrates hitokoto · one word classic sentence function

eight thousand five hundred and forty-three thirty-seven
Hitokoto · Yiyan is an interesting project. The official self introduction is as follows: was founded in 2016 and belongs to Mengchuang team. At present, the website mainly provides one sentence service. Animation or fiction or the Internet, no matter where we are, we will always see a sentence or two that can penetrate your heart. We put these sentences together to form a one word network to convey more emotion. If we can, we hope we don't have the day to stop service. In short, a word refers to a sentence, can
August 6, 2017

WordPress automatically cleans alicloud CDN cache by publishing / updating articles, submitting / reviewing comments

five thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven fifty-six
Many of the friends who have used CDN have been puzzled that their articles can't be automatically deleted from the CDN cache. In view of this pain point, Zhang Ge blog has published relevant tutorials for many times to solve the puzzles of grassroots webmasters, such as: WordPress publishing / updating articles, submitting / reviewing comments automatically cleaning up Tencent cloud CDN cache WordPress publishing / updating articles, submitting / reviewing comments automatically cleaning verycl Oud cache nginx helper pure code version, the article comments and publishes, automatically cleans fastcgi cache, but, still does not
July 13, 2017

Solve the problem that the WP postviews plug-in does not count after the website is statically cached

four thousand five hundred and twenty thirty
Suddenly found that the article browsing count function is invalid, the article has been published for a few months only tens of hundreds of views, I thought it was because the recent articles were relatively unpopular. However, after a few months of release, the number of visits is less than 200, which is unreasonable. 1、 After finding the problem, I took the time to analyze it. As a result, I checked the website log and found that there was no request for browsing count... Because the website has enabled the pure static cache (nginx)_ fastcgi_ Therefore, the counting mode of WP postviews will be automatically changed to Ajax submission mode
November 22, 2016

Using HSTs security protocol to solve the compatibility problem of whole station HTTPS

nine thousand and forty-seven eighty-two
Guide: at present, many stations have begun to implement HTTPS, and most of the obsessive-compulsive webmasters will also open the mandatory HTTPS mechanism, and all the HTTP requests for the website will jump to HTTPS, so as to realize the whole site HTTPS. This is obviously a rude practice. Zhang Ge's blog will share with you the flexible method currently in use and say goodbye to rudeness. 1、 HSTs protocol here we want to use a new security protocol: hstshsts (HTTP strict transport security) country
October 23, 2016

Baidu embedded site search HTTPS practice sharing

three hundred and fifty-three fifty-seven
Baidu station embedded search, believe that many sites have been used for a period of time. It's a pity that while Baidu strongly advocates the site's "HTTPS", Baidu's peripheral products are not able to keep up with the progress. Have to say, baidu this embedded site search gives the website more DIY reverie, let the search more fit a variety of topics, the original: PS: preview address:, how to make this will not be repeated here, please refer to the history course of this site. It's a good thing, but
October 15, 2016

Nginx helper pure code version, article comments release, automatically clean fastcgi cache

ninety-seven sixty-four
Guide: Zhang Ge's blog shared a tutorial on how to open fastcgi static cache acceleration by nginx. The article also mentioned the best supporting plug-in for WordPress: nginx helper. This article shares a blog for their own use, original nginx helper pure code version, to help your website to eliminate a plug-in. ...
September 10, 2016

Share Zhang Ge blog's own use of imitation Baidu reward function

ten thousand eight hundred and thirty-three one hundred and ten
Before sharing, I must admit that the article appreciation function is only a chicken ribs and fancy function in most websites, which is tasteless and is a pity to abandon. However, most webmasters in order to enrich the various aspects of the site, but also tirelessly toss this ran and egg function. Well, I don't care if it's useful or not. I'll share it first. I think there are still many station leaders who are happy in tossing. 1、 Baidu reward often pay attention to Baidu webmaster platform friends should know that Baidu launched a reward component, visual inspection is mainly to promote Baidu wallet, until now it is still in the inner state. Zhang Ge blog tried to apply for the next
July 22, 2016

Simple repair of 360 security detection prompt discovery robots file vulnerability

ten thousand one hundred and two fifty-three
I haven't seen the webmaster platform of 360 for a long time, so I got a site in 360 search and found that the safety score is 99, not 100. Curious, I went in to have a look and found this wonderful flower: Nani? Found robots.txt file? Is that a loophole? Continue to look at the following explanation: vulnerability type: information disclosure belongs to the program: other server type: common programming language: other