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<b>Complete and submit the following form to request a user account .</b>

Make sure that you first read the服务条款before requesting an account.

User account

You will be sent a confirmation message by mail program may think it is spam!You must click on the link in the message to confirm the address. Then, once an editor-in-chief approves your account, you will be mailed an initial password, which can be used at登录

<b>Your username will be your real name, as specified below.</b>

用户名:(same as real name below)
Personal information

This should be your real name, as you would use in a scientific paper, containing both first (given) name and last (family) name.
(John Smith, John M. Smith.BAD:john smith, johnny36) This is a scientific database!

Your biography will be set as the initial content for your userpage. Make sure you are comfortable publishing such information.

Personal biography (will be published in your User Page). Include some precise information (e.g. home page, business address, or a reference) to prove you are genuine. Applications without this information will be rejected.