Windward leaves

Windward leaves
If the heart is clear, it will not be welcome.

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Technical course

H3C firewall forgot password reset password method

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Two days before receiving a call from a customer, the customer changed the password of the firewall admin account himself, but the customer forgot the change password, and now can not log on to the web console. If you change the password, use Xshell/Putty and other software to connect the firewall device, and save the password. At this point, you can connect directly to the software.

Technical course

The solution of insufficient space for H3C firewall upgrade

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Not long ago, when testing the firewall, we need to upgrade the firewall of H3C F1000-AK109. So they went to Xinhua three official website to download the upgrade package and upgrade it on the firewall web console. Results the process of uploading files indicates that the device space is insufficient and can not be upgraded. After consulting the information, it is found that...

Informal essay

Talking about Hanfu

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Although Han clothing has gradually entered the public view these years, there are more and more people who wear Han clothes. But the wind evaluation of Hanfu circle seems to be getting worse. There are always people who say, "your circle is a mess." Indeed, when Hanfu gradually entered the line of vision, the "Hanfu circle" seemed to be getting more and more serious. A newly sprouting new circle, if bought...

Technical course

I rub WIFI in the countryside - using old router wireless relay network.

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This year is probably the longest year I've been working in a rural home since I started work. Because rural families usually come back in the new year, usually no one is at home, so the broadband at home has stopped. Before I was in the countryside, there was only the broadband of telecommunications, or the use of telephone lines to access ADSL dial-up Internet. The cost is high, it costs a thousand yuan a year, and it only has 4M bandwidth.

Case sharing

Remember QQ mail phishing mail incident

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I believe many people have encountered fishing and mail. Nowadays, fishing can be said to be very widespread. The so-called phishing mail is the attacker forged a seemingly normal mail. The mail contains links to phishing sites, which allows the victim to believe that this is a trusted website (such as company OA, QQ space, micro-blog, even Alipay, bank, etc.), so that the victim can take the initiative in the network station.

Technical course

WordPress add mouse click effects

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As a matter of fact, this kind of tutorials is searching for a lot of books on the Internet. But since you have added this to your blog, you can also make a few copies. In the first two days, the photo album was turned over to a picture, and suddenly we thought of the Vision Forum (looking for something in the past few days).

Technical course

Chinese switch configuration port mirroring

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Background: a unit is equipped with an intranet access device to configure the port mirroring on core exchange, and monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic of the intranet to the monitoring port of the access device. When the traffic flows from the untrusted terminal, the reset message is blocked to block the HTTP message, and the untrusted terminal end of the request is redirected to the access device.

Technical course

Remote network wake-up PC setup tutorial across public network

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Because of the need of work, sometimes we need to remotely drag files to the company's computers, so we map the company's remote desktop to the public network. So the company's computer seems to be my long-term boot server, basically no shutdown. But sometimes there may be power cuts and so on. At this time, colleagues can only be called "human flesh awakening". And later encountered the need for remote...

Case sharing

K2P simple evaluation of firmware

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Previously suffering from the original Tengda router is too old, and the surrounding 2.4G WIFI environment is really bad. 50M's broadband and WIFI simply run dissatisfied, basically can only reach the speed of about 20M, sometimes even below 10M. This online experience is really painful. Notebook can use network cable. What about mobile phone? So I was prepared to start...

Technical course

Use of Cron plan tasks

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Cron is a timing execution tool under Linux. It can run jobs without manual intervention. It is the built-in service of Linux, so we will use it in many cases. First of all, of course, how to enable / disable the service / / start service sudo service cron start / stop service.