Leave the leaves in the wind

Leave the leaves in the wind
If the heart is bright like a mirror, it will not be welcomed

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Technical course

Debian command not found to complete installation

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Before testing, I started a Debian virtual machine. As a result, the system was installed and found many problems. Even the most basic commands such as service, reboot and poweroff could not be used. For a time, I suspected that my system was not installed properly, and even installed it again. However, the command was still not found and completely confused

Technical course

Solution to win10 store version wechat unable to open received files

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Generally, only when the store version of wechat is installed on a non-C disk, can the received file not be opened. This paper only discusses this situation. Suggestion: don't make trouble. Even if it is solved in this way, sometimes there will be problems that files can't be opened directly and need to be copied. This seems to be due to the files of win10 store app

Technical course

Solution to insufficient space when upgrading H3C firewall

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Not long ago, when testing the firewall, we need to upgrade the H3C f1000-ak109 firewall. So they go to Xinhua three official website to download the upgrade package, and upgrade it on the firewall web console. Results in the process of uploading the file, the device space is insufficient and cannot be upgraded. After consulting the data found that part of

Random talk and essay

Talk about Hanfu

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In recent years, although Hanfu has gradually entered the public's field of vision, more and more people usually meet wearing Hanfu. However, it seems that the style of the Hanfu circle has become worse and worse. There will always be people saying, "your circle is really chaotic.". Indeed, when Hanfu gradually came into our sight, "Hanfu circle" seems to become more and more fierce. A new Mengxin who just entered the circle, if you buy

Technical course

I use WiFi in rural areas

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This year is probably the longest year I have spent in my hometown since I worked in the countryside. Since the rural hometown usually comes back after the Spring Festival, there is no one at home, so the broadband in my home has been stopped for a long time. Before that, I only had broadband telecommunications in this rural area. I still used telephone lines to access ADSL dial-up Internet. It's expensive. It costs 1000 yuan a year and only has 4m bandwidth

Case sharing

Record a QQ email phishing event

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I believe a lot of people have come across the fishing email. Now fishing has become very rampant. The so-called phishing email means that the attacker forges a seemingly normal email, which contains a link to the phishing website, so that the victim can believe that this is a trustworthy website (such as the company's OA, QQ space, microblog, even Alipay, bank, etc.), so that the victim can take the initiative in the website

Technical course

Add mouse click effects to WordPress

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In fact, there are a lot of such tutorials on the Internet, which are bad things for bloggers to play with. However, since I added this to my blog, I'd like to post one. Two days ago, I flipped through the photo album and found a picture. I suddenly thought of the Vision Forum (I went to look for something a few days ago) and click the mouse to have the floating effect of "rich, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious"

Technical course

Configuration port image of China switch

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Background: an internal network access device is installed in a certain unit, and the port image is configured on the core exchange to mirror the incoming and outgoing traffic of the intranet to the access device monitoring port for behavior monitoring. When the traffic comes from an untrusted terminal, the blocking port sends a reset message to block it, and redirects the HTTP request of the untrusted terminal to the access device, requiring the terminal to install the access client for recognition

Technical course

Cross public network remote network wake up PC setup tutorial

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Because of the need of work, sometimes you need to drag some files to the company's computer remotely, so the remote desktop of the company's computer is mapped to the public network. So the company's computer seems to have become my long-term boot server, basically did not shut down. But one night boss said that the computer still had to be turned off when he left. Later, he had to call when he needed to hold files remotely