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I'm ready for the end of April. This month, I only published two articles on my blog and deleted an article on hydrology. Actually, I have been reading books~

Functional programming

At the end of March and the beginning of April, I had already written the whole tutorial of functional programming of JavaScript. I might arrange it and release it recently. I don't want to tidy it up, as follows


Redux tutorial

Redux recently, I don't know if I'm too lazy to put it out



This April is mainly about reading, writing and practicing demo. People who pay attention to GitHub should know that I wrote several small demos, as follows

Of course, node.js is also practicing~


The idea of building a "highly available" blog from scratch is beginning to emerge, and we are currently working on the technologies needed to implement this idea

It is necessary to learn the deep source code of jscode. Org and think code

The API of "node.jsql" can be used to separate the front-end and back-end of the blog. It is not a plan to separate the front-end API from the front-end API

For database selection, mysql, mongodb and PostgreSQL should be considered. In the early years, MySQL was very familiar with PHP for a long time, and mongodb was more familiar with it. PostgreSQL has become the first choice for relational databases

After the rest API or graphql, it's about spa. I plan to use react as the view layer, Redux as the state management, and antd as the UI. Such a small architecture can be used as the background front-end. Maybe it will also make a set of background UI skin by itself

Then, the front desk hopes to write a set of beautiful skin. Instead of using pinghsu theme skin, I will write a new skin that is more beautiful and more durable. I have already thought out the name of this set of skin, ha ha

To be a "high availability" blog by myself, I think there are several difficulties to overcome

This may be a huge pit, which involves too many new technical points and new technical details

For example, a single background spa development involves a series of development details such as webpack, react family bucket and antd. It is great to do a good job~

I have no secret of success but hard work

Not much, so far~

  1. JayLa

    There are a lot of JS pits

  2. You don't know who I was before I came here

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    The landlord used your theme. Why is my whole gray? You are white

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    Good youth.

  5. There are goals and promising young people.

  6. Looking forward to your blog, must be very simple atmosphere