I'm chakhsu Lau, web Stack Engineer (major in Fe, minor in Devops, others are enough)

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For example, I have been in a provincial laboratory for three years, during which I have been exposed to a lot of things and improved my horizons···

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  1. Nice, great theme, nice~

  2. The theme of the blogger is very simple and I like it very much. The speed of Typecho is very fast for the first time.

  3. Hello, say hello to the blogger, how to set the top of a single article?

  4. Big guy tql, big love theme!

  5. Kim

    Blogger, how do you set the number of articles on your home page? There are only 5 by default after I install it

    1. Rikkkkka

      Enter the blog background, enter the settings - reading tab, find "number of articles per page", set it to the number you want to save.

  6. Thank you for your topic. It's very suitable