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 『LCG Area』
『LCG Area』
Subject: 239 , Number of Posts: 10 thousand
Registration of [OSX] omnigroups series programs 2020-9-27 15:00 alfredzky
 『LSG Area』
『LSG Area』
Subject: 51 , Number of Posts: 2468
How to quickly determine whether a file is a virus 2017-3-13 15:03 wellgone
 "Original publishing area"

"Original publishing area" (81)

We love to crack the original works of Tanyou show, including windows original tools, but also Android, IOS and Mac OS programs corresponding to the original program!

Moderator: Clouds in the sky , Hmily , Thoughts on the time of the wind

nine thousand six hundred and twenty / 2 million 20 thousand
 "Shelling area"

"Shelling area" (11)

Discuss windows software shelling analysis, software reverse analysis, code reverse transformation, virtual machine encryption analysis, as well as Mac OS and other platform program reverse analysis, all here!

Sub section: "Shelling and cracking discussion area" , 『UnPackMe◇CrackMe◇KeyGenMe◇ReverseMe』 , "Teaching and training area"

Moderator: Sound , A-new , Poner

30 thousand / 680 thousand
 "Mobile security zone"

"Mobile security zone" (8)

Discuss Android Software shelling analysis, Android Software Reverse Analysis, Android system security analysis, Android Software Encryption analysis, of course, IOS and other mobile programs reverse analysis, everything here!

Sub section: "Mobile security discussion area" , 『Android UnPackMe◇CrackMe◇KeyGenMe◇ReverseMe』

Moderator: qtfreet00

four thousand six hundred and nineteen / 190 thousand
 "Software debugging area"

"Software debugging area" (2)

Discussion of operating system bottom or system software vulnerability analysis, including game security and other related topics!

Moderator: willJ , L4Nce

six hundred and five / 30 thousand
 "Programming language area"

"Programming language area" (42)

Learn programming, discuss programming skills, share program source code together

Sub section: "Programming language discussion help area" , "E-book room"

Moderator: Su Zixuan , wushaominkk

20 thousand / 600 thousand
 "Animation release area"

"Animation release area" (7)

Software shelling, software Chinese, software reverse related animation course, learning experience sharing. We can learn great knowledge here

Sub section: "Animation products reprint area" , "My love cracking Animation Contest"

10 thousand / 720 thousand
 "Reverse resource area"

"Reverse resource area" (2)

[encryption and decryption] related software release area, including the latest and complete software encryption and decryption related tools, work to do its work must first sharpen its tools!

Moderator: Hmily

four thousand five hundred and thirteen / 240 thousand
 "High quality software area"

"High quality software area" (490)

Recommend excellent software, software exchange world, collect many wonderful comments, enthusiastic members update every day!
There are rich computer software and mobile phone software here, find what you need and share with you and me!

Moderator: Poner , Gentlewang , rainny , FleTime

140 thousand / 7 million 590 thousand
 "Reward question and answer area"

"Reward question and answer area" (166)

We are rich in wisdom and warm mutual aid paradise to help those who need help

Moderator: Dumujun , Seven o'clock

210 thousand / 2 million 30 thousand
 Stow / unfold Section Moderator: willJ

[virus analysis]

 Virus analysis area

Virus analysis area

Analyze and study the technology of virus Trojan horse, prevent virus Trojan horse, check and kill virus Trojan horse

Moderator: willJ , Hmily

one thousand and eighty-four / 60 thousand
 "Virus rescue area"

"Virus rescue area" (6)

Your computer has been disturbed by the virus? Don't worry, let's help you solve the problem together!

four thousand seven hundred and thirty-three / 90 thousand
 "Safety tool area"

"Safety tool area"

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must sharpen his tools first. You can find the sharp weapon you want from here

Moderator: Hmily

three hundred and forty / 20 thousand
 Stow / unfold Section Moderator: Hmily


 "Site announcement"

"Site announcement"

Open registration information, section adjustment announcement, website information release, member violation handling, etc

Moderator: zzage

four hundred and twenty-two / 350 thousand

"Recruitment" (1)

This section only allows to publish recruitment and job search related information!
This area supports tourists to post, welcome regular companies to publish recruitment information!

Moderator: LCG

seven hundred and ninety-four / 10 thousand
 Application area

"Application zone"

Please read the rules of the front page, please apply!
This area supports tourists to post and follow the corresponding application!

Moderator: Peace

three thousand five hundred and sixteen / 20 thousand

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