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Pick up a little bit

Dazzle Six years ago (2015-05-19) Record the past one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine

 Pick up a little bit of the past. JPEG pick up a little bit of the past to record the past

After four years, everything is like reincarnation.

I changed a school and a classroom. During this period, I even changed several girlfriends. What remained unchanged was the familiar word interface. And insomnia all night.

you are the longest person in your life. I once said that, but now I want to add a suffix - and the things that choose you.  

It took me some time to realize that fate is stronger than will, and the older I get, the more I believe it. What have I done in four years? I want to review it in detail on this night, but I feel confused and futile. Of course, I'm sure I can find a lot of evidence if I want to.   

there are more than 100000 documents in the hard disk, several gigabytes of photos, words similar to small notes, and even shopping records on Taobao. I mean, if I'm willing to make serious statistics, there are more or less traces in these four years.  

But apart from these affairs, only fate knows what happened. In 2009, I made my mark on the Internet. Many people knew me. I was short headed, with a silly smile and eyes, and a large paragraph of self introduction text. Now it seems that I can't bear to look directly at me. At that time, ah, in those days, I was a coquettish youth who put treason on my body, for fear that others would not know how independent I was, or that others would not know that I was different from others, even if the difference was intentional. Such frivolity and superficiality make me blush.  

until now, I still do what I like and make myself miserable. I still believe that although love has never met a person who can support me, I can give myself enough security Feeling, no shoulder to lean on when tired, but I believe in my hands.  

yes, four years later, I have changed from a bad boy to an older man, but treason has penetrated into my blood from the surface. Sometimes I wonder, maybe my whole life will go on like this - free and lonely.

I have recalled the past countless times, like an old man in the twilight, I took the trouble to taste the things I had experienced so far in my life, trying to taste a bit different every time.

Of course, I haven't seen an ordinary friend for four years. Our acquaintance and separation are full of drama.

at that time, I was full of emotion, naive and sincere, and once said that I would like to marry her in the future. Suddenly, one day, she completely disappeared from my life. I haven't asked why, and I don't know if there's any part of it that's frightening by my intense expression, or maybe that's the whole reason? From then on, we were separated from each other and had no contact with each other.

Until this spring. Suddenly, we all changed, but we didn't. When we met, I just entered the network. When we met again, I was ready to quit. We pretended to chat as if nothing had happened. We tried not to mention a word about the blank four years in the middle. This is very good. I have always hoped to have an equal dialogue with him. I told myself to calm down, not to be excited, and not to have words of resentment.

I did a good job, like an adult.        



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