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Many people apologize, not to say "I'm sorry", but for each other's "it doesn't matter.".

Dazzle Yi Three years ago (2017-06-26) Record the past one thousand five hundred and twenty-two

Not every "I'm sorry" can wash away the harm you have brought to others.

 Because you know neither resentment nor forgiveness. . PNG many people apologize, not to say "I'm sorry", but for each other's "it doesn't matter.". Record the past


Many people apologize, not to say "I'm sorry", but for each other's "it doesn't matter.".


Classmate a was poor, but classmate B lost his money. He insisted that it was classmate a who stole it. In front of the public, he went to look through a classmate's wardrobe, lifted his clothes all over the floor, and scolded him for being a villain. Money did not find, B students around on the slander a classmate, said he must be a recidivist. The student a lost the stain that year. Not much, 3000 yuan, but for him, it's very much. A more and more isolated, a person to eat, a person to class, like a silent shadow. Until one day, the dormitory cleaning, found that the missing money, lying in the crack under the drawer of classmate B. Student B apologized to classmate a, but classmate a was more angry than ever. He hit the table frantically and bit his teeth. Before he finished, he slammed the door. B student said: "what a big matter, I apologized, he as?" From then on, he no longer said that a was a thief. He began to say that a was really careful when he met people. What happened? What about him? That year, the father of classmate a, because of the unexpected failure of the grant, to be exact, because of the lost 100 yuan, went to work as a part-time worker, and was broken his leg by the falling beam.


A rumor was spread all over the place overnight. The beautiful girl in the class had a dirty emotional history. There are different versions. Later, the girl wanted to borrow her roommate's clothes hanger. As soon as she got it, she was snatched away: "who knows if you have a dirty disease." She froze in place, did not make a sound, twist dry the clothes in hand, directly put on the windowsill. Since then, her clothes will not hang with theirs. At that time, the girl had a boyfriend who had been talking about for two years and was going to graduate and get married. My boyfriend mother came to school to see her son. She just heard a few gossips. She didn't agree with anything when she went back to school. It was not until the evening of graduation that everyone drank too much. Then another girl came over drunk and told her that she had been secretly in love with her boyfriend. Out of jealousy, she made up a few right and wrong sentences. She didn't expect it would be like this.

She apologized to her and begged her forgiveness. The girl who always wanted to be strong suddenly burst into tears. She couldn't stop shivering and clenched her teeth and said, "I won't forgive you until I die." The atmosphere became embarrassed, and the one who apologized turned and turned his face: "if you don't forgive, you won't forgive. What's great."


Many years ago, there was a film in South Korea called Miyang. A middle-aged woman who lost her husband came to Miyang alone with her son. Just about to start life again, my son was killed. She began to believe in religion. The congregation urged her to learn to forgive and forgive. She prayed and recited sutras every day, and she really believed that she could forgive the criminal. Until she went to see him in prison, the murderer of her son told her peacefully that he had been forgiven by God long before she forgave him. Woman like crazy, angry out of prison, like the storm, began her revenge, she has not forgiven him, how can God forgive him? For what?


One man pushed the other into the water, and then he went to save him, but in the process of saving people, he lost a mobile phone. When they are all on shore, pushing people into the water, will complain: "in order to save you, my mobile phone is missing." He will not remember that just now, the man who was pushed into the water by him almost lost his life.


When two children were playing, one of them threw a cup of boiling water on the other, causing extensive scalding and wailing. The parents of the injured child severely scolded the child for splashing water. On the other side of the parents but to protect the short: "children's home, do something wrong, apologize, but also want to do?"


It's not that I don't want to forgive you, but I can't. Because once the two words are spoken, I can no longer face the whole night crying, suffering from their own. I can't betray my past self, can't betray my heart, it's still suffering, what qualification do I have to forgive you?

Yes, you apologized. Your apology, in my heart under a snow, those grievances and grievances, can be washed away. But before that, I bear the suffering and humiliation, lost dignity and life, can not erase. It can't be erased. It is there, in nightmares, in tears, in the fate of frustration. People all know that "good for evil", but few people know that "how to repay virtue" is followed by these four words. Good for bad, how to repay good. So, why complain? Confucius said, "return the blame with justice.". In the movie "dear", Huang Bo says to the wife of a human trafficker, "at best, I don't hate you. It's over." I don't hate you. That's all I can do.


When I was young, I saw "the hero of the eagle". Master Yideng drags Qiu Qianren, who is dying, to yinggu to pray for forgiveness. Many years ago, Qiu Qianren was not the dying Qiu Qianren. At that time, he had a superb martial arts skill. He slapped yinggu's newly born child on the chest with one hand, and gave out a loud laugh. When the child is gone, yinggu lives in hatred. Several years later, she saw the murderer, but it seemed that the former murderer of her child was not the same as the dying old man. Master Yideng advised her to put down her obsession and break away from the sea of suffering. When I was young, I sat in front of the TV and watched Qiu Qianren plead bitterly. My heart also moved with kindness. I was really persistent. Until now, I understand the truth that all living beings suffer, and then I understand the iron heart of aunt Ying. It is not that she does not want to forgive, but that once the words are spoken, she can not face the child who has been lost in infancy for decades. The one who was born and got that slap is her child. What qualification does she have to forgive?


I'm sorry. Why don't you forgive me? Because you know neither resentment nor forgiveness.

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