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Life is so long, I just want to live the life I want

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2017-03-13) Life experience one thousand and six hundred

 Life is so long, I just want to live the life I want. JPG life is so long, I only want to feel the life I want

A few days ago, on the bus home, I heard the aunt next to me say fiercely at her daughter: "do you like it? What's the use of liking? You choose this major, after graduation, how can I arrange work for you? Like to be able to eat as a meal! "The girl looks aggrieved and just keeps saying that she really likes it and can be responsible for her future.

I think this scene seems familiar. After all, none of us is a child who grew up at will. On the way of growth, we have received countless kind advice. Those who are full of worry and try to pull us into the right track, without exception, love us deeply. So we carry all kinds of love, and grow up to look like others like and expect. Do you really like the major you are studying, the career you are engaged in and the life you are experiencing?

Since graduation, Ye has been renting a shabby room in Majuqiao, Beijing. The room is shared with four people, sharing water, electricity and heating. In order to be able to live in Beijing, ye accepted such a crowded room and a four hour subway ride every day.

I don't know how many things can be changed in two years, but ye later told me that two years' time is enough to make the newly graduated students mature, enough to let the students who return to their hometown to work have a house and a car, enough for their parents to understand that they are independent enough to choose their own life, and enough to be more firm in the future direction through constant self questioning.
It's not such an inspirational success story. Now the leaves still live in Majuqiao, still continue to go out early and return late. Many people of the same age already have their own homes and even children, but leaves still have only a temporary residence. I asked Ye whether he regretted his decision to go his own way. Ye said that he had never, because he firmly believed that he could live the life he really wanted in his groping, so it was worth the hardships and tiredness.

We have all seen and experienced many failures in reality. Some people failed in the postgraduate entrance examination for several years. Some people worked very hard but were still dismissed by the company. Some people wasted many years because of wrong choices and started over again. Every day in this world, there are all kinds of failure stories, so most people think that stability is valuable, that those who choose the unknown are reckless and stupid, that success is a fluke, and only a safe life is important.

However, everyone's pursuit of life is different, there is no right or wrong, according to their own way of life, more important, after all, life is only once, we should not leave ourselves too much regret.
I don't know if you've ever been wandering, when you've been wavering between two choices, if you've ever compromised, if you've felt guilty, if you've regretted. The past is not important, the next life, you can make a choice, firm, not afraid of losing. "I'm sorry, I just want to live as I like. I can be responsible for my life. No matter what the result is, at least, there is no regret. "

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