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Forget that man, will you?

Dazzle Yi 2017-03-02 Life experience one thousand and two hundred

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  You should also have such a person, from time to time will miss TA, miss your time together and the other party's days of digging their brains out to you. Even though you know that person has already started a new life and has started to fall in love, you still can't persuade yourself to give up completely.

  You have been immersed in the memory of losing each other, no matter what others say, you just refuse to come out. But do you think it's useful? Is it possible that the man will come back? Can you really do this life for him no longer accept others?
  In fact, a person choose to leave you, no matter what reason, in the final analysis is no longer love you. Your relationship is dead. You know that everything is over. Why don't you let go? The other party has lived a new life, you are also a person struggling with, do you know that such a self will be looked down upon by others. Life must go on, you also need to continue to move forward, carrying too much of the past, will be difficult.
  All meet, must have the significance. There is always someone to make you laugh, cry wantonly, and then clean up, continue to drive. We also finally want to love each other no matter how disappointed you are to love each other next time.
  If you are the same, you come and go alone in a relationship for several years, then I want to say to you: in our life, we will meet a lot of people, not everyone can accompany you to the end. Only by putting it down completely can we start a new life. If life is doomed to be difficult, then I wish you to live an open-minded and strong. Forget that man, will you?  

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